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5 Best Glass Bottles for Your Kitchen | Infinity Jars

Which bottles are great for storing various high-quality ingredients and condiments? Look no further than Infinity Jars. Learn about the best bottles for kitchen, as well as how each bottle can live up to its fullest potential.

Whether you’re cooking for your family, your friends, a significant other, or just for yourself, your ingredients need to be kept fresh and of the best quality. A surefire way to do this is to invest in high-quality storage that can preserve the freshness of the various ingredients you use to make your meals and drinks.

A lot of us probably don’t put all that much thought into the kind of jars and bottles that we store our food in. However, there are certain storage options that can benefit not just us and the ingredients we use, but the environment as well. For example, glass containers are a better choice than plastic ones, since glass is more environmentally friendly and don’t leach chemicals into our food.

Ultraviolet glass, meanwhile, is an optimal choice for storing plant-based ingredients. UV glass prevents visible light rays from reaching the contents while letting UV light rays through. Visible light rays can promote degradation of organic materials, while UV light rays can prolong shelf life and even maintain the quality of these ingredients.

UV glass jars and bottles can be difficult to find, but Infinity Jars can bring them right to your doorstep. Each Infinity Jars container is made with UV glass and is guaranteed to keep your ingredients fresh for longer.

Which Bottles are Best for Your Kitchen

Infinity Jars has a wide range of selections that can fulfill various needs. However, there are particular jars and bottles that will work very well in any kitchen.

1. The Cooking Oil Bottle With Spout

As any seasoned home cook will tell you, there’s more to cooking oil than you may realize. There are so many oils you can cook with, and it’s not limited to vegetable oil, canola oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. You can also have peanut oil, which can be somewhat delicate and can go bad pretty quickly if you don’t store it properly. There’s also avocado oil, which needs to be stored in a cool and dark place.

The UV glass cooking oil bottle is a great option for these more delicate and high maintenance cooking oils. You won’t have to worry about exposing the oils to harsh light and ruining them before they run out.

2. The Dropper Bottle

Where’s the fun in cooking if you can’t experiment and play with flavors? Keeping extracts and flavorings at hand is one way you can make every dinner you make memorable. If you want to use extracts that come from natural and organic sources, it’s definitely best to keep them in UV glass dropper bottles. Not only will you be able to control how much product you use, you’ll also keep the product fresh and high-quality for up to two years.

Plant-based liquid extracts include vanilla, peppermint, almond, anise, and fruit juice extracts. These can lend amazing flavor to various types of food, most commonly baked goods. Natural extracts can also be quite complicated to obtain, which means keeping their quality intact is of utmost importance.

3. The Water Bottle

As the name suggests, sure, you can keep water in these UV glass water bottles. However, that’s not the only thing you can use the bottles for. You can also use them to store cooking wines, which can elevate the flavor of many kinds of dishes. You can store fruit juices, and even homemade vinaigrettes made from high-quality ingredients.

These bottles are quite versatile, and you’ll surely find many uses for them in your kitchen.

4. The Apothecary Jar

With a fancy-sounding name comes a fancy-looking jar. Of course, this jar doesn’t just rely on its looks to get by. Apothecary jars can be quite versatile, and they can keep a wide variety of ingredients fresh and potent.

Can’t function without your first cup of coffee? Keep the flavor and aroma of your coffee grounds intact with these apothecary jars. With the airtight and smell-proof glass-on-glass lid, your coffee grounds will smell fresh and new each time you pop the jar open. You can also store all manners of tea leaves, herbs, seeds, and grains. Sometimes, especially with coffee, tea, and herbs, the smell is a large part of the experience. Keep that aroma intact with these heavy-duty apothecary jars.

5. The Tall Screw Top Jar

Looking for something a little more low-key? Screw top jars are a great choice. They can blend right into your kitchen, no matter the decor. They’re also intuitive to use and easy to stash into your cupboards. With their sleek and simple design, they won’t be garish or extravagant to look at.

You can store mineral-rich gourmet sea salt, spices, and grains like quinoa. You can also keep whole herbs and store them in a safe environment. These types of ingredients will not only benefit from the jars’ airtight and smell-proof lids, they’ll also benefit from the protective UV glass.

How Infinity Jars Can Help You

You don’t need to look far for these bottles -- they’re all right here in Infinity Jars. What’s more, you’ll even have various sizes to choose from to get exactly what you need.

And to add to that, there are also many other kinds of bottles that can suit so many purposes. Infinity Jars products aren’t just for your kitchen; they can work well in a plethora of situations for a plethora of needs.

And this may be the clincher: each and every one of these jars and bottles is dishwasher safe. You can use up the product they’ve been storing and use them for an entirely different product simply by washing them. You can pop these jars and bottles into your dishwasher and not worry about them getting cracked or damaged in any way. With Infinity Jars, quality is the number one priority.






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