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Simply Excellent

Strong glass

Bottle was really well packed and happy about it. The labels need improvement. They can't stick to the bottle. It must be made in such a way that can be peeled from behind so that it can stick to the bottles. Other than that, everything is fine. Hope you can come up with unique products. Thank you.

Yours sincerely


These bottles are very dark and completely seal. What more could you possibly be looking for??

Perfect travel storage for herbs!

I am currently using my 50ml jar for herbs during short term travel. Convenient size, air tight, and discrete. Another product from Infinity Jars I recommend.

Very satisfied. The highest quality and unrivaled performance.

I am beyond satisfied with these jars. I am currently using them for medical Herbs and mushrooms.

I keep a 'Boost' or 'Boveda' humidicant pack in each jar I have herbs in. Along with the light-fastness and air tight lid, the herbs keep their freshness with no loss of moisture, flavor, aroma, or potency. In some cases the texture, aroma, and flavor of the herbs was actually improved over when it was in clear mason jars. The thick glass helps keep a much more consist of temp/humidity which bodes well for longer storage, whereas clear thinner glass did not, leaving dry areas in larger long-term stored batches.

I keep a silica pack in each jar I keep dry mushrooms in. As with the herbs, the air-tight lid and light fast thick glass make for good longer term storage. Ive experienced no loss of potency or change in moisture, the mushrooms smell earthy and fresh as the day they were dried.

I'm planning on ordering another batch of the 500ml and 1 liter jars as well. Again, I am very pleased with the performance and quality of each jar from infinity. I highly recommend this product.

Great size for a fluffy 1/8th.

15 ml Classic Screw Top Jar ($10 Value) - Free!

Love it I'm buying more!

50 ml Classic Screw Top Jar ($15 Value) - Free!

Wasn't disappointed

I orded a bunch of different sizes and was very happy with them all. I will definitely be ordering again!


So happy with all my purchases

Nice Jars

I bought three. They were packed well for safe shipping. Included was a bunch of assorted sized labels that I can apply to the jars myself. As a bonus, they sent a couple of free, smaller jars. Overall, I think they're a little pricey but they suit my need, so I'm satisfied.


The jars look fantastic, professional and everything is in a better condition when fuelled up in one of this jars


Works well for what I use it for…I will buy from infinity jars again

1 Liter Classic Screw Top Wide Mouth Jar

My Review

Its absolutely incredible, excellent manufacturing.I love the additional features it comes with and the product itself as a whole overall is something I would recommend to everyone who would need a jar like that.

So impressed!!

Wow I love everything I bought. The quality is awesome, thank you.

Excellent for long term medical marijuana storage.

Holds several ounces. Let’s no air or light in to keep your goodies fresh and retain that great smell.

Perfect size for a 1/8 ounce!

Just the right size for your daily stash.

500 ml Classic Screw Top Wide Mouth Jar

I am very pleased with my items.

5 ml Classic Screw Top Jar

Great jar!

I got some weed in Washington and had to drive it back to my home state in Idaho. I bagged the weed in 11 freezer storage bags and a cereal container and I could still smell the weed. Pretty damn good weed to smell like that. I did some research and found Infinity. I ordered 2 jars and now I can't smell the weed and i can safely hide it without my wife finding it. Very great product. Thank you!

Great customer service and speedy delivery

Three of my pipettes from an earlier order arrived broken, but customer service was super responsive and had replacements processed for me within the first hour of our email correspondence. I can't speak enough about the quality of both the people and products!

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