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Based on 3793 reviews

Worked as advertised really satisfied with product would buy from here again


Very Satisfied

Very useful travel size

I love receiving these small, freebie jars when I order directly from the company. They’re the perfect size for decanting cosmetics for travel, and also work well for storing ground up herbs for future use.


I’ve ordered various sizes of the classic screw top jars, and they’ve been great for preserving my medicinal herbs. Even after a year of storage, the potency and texture is mostly preserved, though the smell was slightly muted. I’ve even accidentally dropped these on a hardwood floor, and none of them have broken yet. This is a solid, reliable product. And I wouldn’t use any other jars for my herbs.

nice jars

high quality i got some droppers they were nice n thick

Highly recommend

Absolutely love the jars


Bought this to store tea and it’s perfect

Get it!

Works perfectly in my Infinity jars😜for Cannabis

Exactly what I needed

This container size a long with the wide mouth was exactly what I needed. Water tight and smell proof were an added bonus

Great suze

Great size for discrete personal items.

Love it!

Great product

3 plus 2 free

Great product, and two free small jars with my purchase. Keep everything nice and fresh. I also purchased the humidity packs.

Love them

These jars ROCK... they truly keep your herbs fresh. Actually left the jar in the sun with herbs in by mistake for about 2 hours. The herbs were still fresh. Did not dry out. I would definitely recommend you buy some for yourself.

500 ml jar

This is a great size, will hold about 1.5 oz of ground bud.

Great product

This is my second infinity jar. I love it. It’s solid and the perfect size. It works just as advertised, if not better.


Works well, need to get a bigger ones next time.

Took a while to get the tops

Despite taking almost a month to get the tops to my 100ml bottles, I am still giving a five star review because the quality of these bottles are outstanding. You will need to put a flashlight to the backside of the bottle when filling them because they are so dark. I have no doubt that the contents will last longer due to all light being blocked out. The glass is high quality.

Love these jars!!!

These jars are great! I have the 10 pack of 1 liter and 2 liter apothecary jars to store dry herbs and it keeps them nice a fresh. Even one of the 2 liter jars got broken during shipping, they responded within 24hrs and sent a new jar right away! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

replacement lid

Thank you Josh S. for getting me the correct size lid, superb job from first contact till delivery.

Every jar I received exceeded all my expectations. Customer service was amazing, best of the best!

Silver Collection 250 ml Screw Top Jar with Aluminum Lid

The jar’s arrived as promised, well made and solid. I was concerned with making sure they were odor proof and they are. I do like the small jar that was included as the “freebies”.
I’d definitely order again!

Love them

They are big and heavy !I love them!

The best!

I had ordered herb jars from two other popular jar companies that claimed they were odor-proof. They weren't. Nice jars, but not odor-proof. I could have saved some money had I ordered Infinity jars first. I had finally found jars that were really odor-proof! I just ordered a few more to have on hand. For those who say they are expensive, you get what you pay for. And with the current sale, they are definitely worth the money. Thanks Infinity.

Love them, exactly what I expected

Replacement dropper pipette tops

I got the 3 oz bottles with the pipette tops a few years ago which were perfect for storing a tincture I made & the rubber degrades a bit over time. The black glass bottles are genius for storing perishables & thank you for making the replacement tops available as I will be using these perfect black glass bottles again.

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