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Great bonus jar when I bought the larger jar for tea bag storage.

15 ml jar

Heavy gauge glass, expensive look for my olive oil travel storage.

Free 50 ml Classic Screwtop Jar ($15 Value!)

1 Liter Classic Screw Top Wide Mouth Jar

Free 15 ml Classic Screwtop Jar ($10 Value!)

Amazing jars

So they are a tad pricey but they are really nice jars. They are perfect for storing my tea and just all around really nice jars!!!

Quality on point

fast shipping and great quality

Thank you.

You are a good company with a very good product.

Love the size

Thought the jar was too small after I got it but it is the perfect size. I make my own Ranch seasoning and it is the perfect size for tripled recipe! Will order so other sizes. Very pretty jars to set on the counter.

Great service and products.

Mouth Jar

The 500 Ml classic screw top was an excellent choice for me. Keeps everything air tight

Great quality and I love the sturdiness of the glass which is a plus

Nice quality6

Good for the purpose I bought it (store mix of olive oil, lemon and honey). If would be a 300 ml version would be PERFECT.

400ml jar

Tested for 2 weeks and it us everything they say it is. I thought with the screw top smells would leak out but it is truly air tight. Very thick and beautiful blue glass, I will be ordering more. 💙 you can trust these products to be everything you expect and more. Well worth the price!

mini jars

Great for small things !


These 100 ml jars are perfect size. Highly recommend !!!

Perfect for smell proofing

So I got the 100ml and there amazing haha the free 15ml jar is perfect for a pack and go container. Anyways these things work wonderfully no smells leak and very discreet. I will end up having a big collection of these in the near future. Also the little stickers that you can write on are sick.

Good quality

Nice and sturdy

Stunning jars/bottles/rollers

Great well made but a bigger one needs to be made

These are the best jars.

These jars are amazing. Smell proof, light proof, sturdy.

Quality jars and they came in perfectly packaged.

Very Beautiful

These jars are amazing. Even the sound they make when opening and closing sounds beautiful and luxurious. That sounds crazy but it's true. I'm going to put all my creams in these!

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