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Kitchen Bottles

The ultimate kitchen preservation is now within easy reach. Prolong the shelf lives of ingredients and keep them tasting fresh in our lightproof Kitchen Bottles.

  • Airtight, Spillproof, Smell-Proof
  • UV Glass Protects Ingredients Against Photodegradation
  • 18 Styles/Sizes Available
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PRESERVE Your Ingredients for Months or Even Years!

Kitchen Bottles categories

  • Airtight, Lightproof, Smellproof, Leak Proof
  • BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Real Customer Reviews

Super"Even better than expected. Great product. Well crafted and beautiful! Perfect for my olive oil."

James L.

Awesome water bottle!"I bring a water bottle everywhere with me! I love the glass. It’s so high quality and I know my water is staying in its purest form."

Carrie M.J.

Love it"This is exactly what i was looking for. Its sturdy, tough, will last long, and keeps my life force as clean and pure as it can be."

Cameron M.

Great Set of Bottles"Completely darkened and does not allow light in. They should be able to preserve my olive oil and soy sauce for a long time in storage."

1L b.

Awesome bottles"I ordered the liter and 500ml long neck bottles. They look so good on my counter top they put to shame almost anything else sitting near them. The caps make a tight air seal which I expected. I’m more than satisfied with the quality and look forward to using them for many years. I’m very pleased…"

Robert G.

WHO KNEW INFINITY WOULD LOOK SO CLASSEY"I got these for keeping my olive oil tasting great. Olive oil, evo, is costly and the best price can be had usually when it is purchased in large bottles. I now use the big liter bottle with the pour spout and do not have to worry about the oil going bad. I also age my chlorine laden local water in these bottles. I think it just turns the whole water chemistry into a salubrious solution. I purchased these originally a long time ago so this is my second round of bottles, etc. They really do preserve freshness so it is a good investment. I had questions and their rep got back to me quickly. A very pleasant young woman, I wish I could remember her name so I could praise her directly."

Dale T.

Great customer service from the seller too"These bottles are exactly what I was looking for. It ensures my medical grade water stays at it's optimum antioxidant level. If you use medical grade anything...these bottles are a must. Great customer service from the seller too."


Bottles are great. They arrived as expected and am currently using "Bottles are great. They arrived as expected and am currently using them. I would recommend this item for those who want to preserve liquids"

Axel S.S.S.


Kitchen Bottles

Fresh cooking oils, stock, extracts, and other ingredients add a distinctive, mouthwatering flavor to culinary creations. However, when these ingredients go stale, any dish becomes lackluster, unpalatable, or, even worse, revolting. To keep your ingredients tasting fresh, bring our special Kitchen Bottles to the table. With their lightproof glass and airtight caps, these bottles can lock in scents and flavors and keep out harmful light and air. Designed and tested in a lab, they can effectively prolong the shelf lives of goods and slow down their decaying process. The seemingly far-fetched dream of preserving ingredients is now a delicious reality with our ultraviolet glass Kitchen Bottles.

  • Airtight, lightproof, and leakproof
  • Ultraviolet glass prevents ingredients from losing flavor or scent
  • Ideal for cooking oils, vinegar, and homemade salad dressings
  • Sizes: 5 to 200 mL
  • Styles: Cooking Oil Bottles with Spout, Glass Covered Dish, Slow Pour Bottles, Soap Bottles, Water Bottles, and Easy Pour Screw Top Bottles

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