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Childproof Classic Screw Top Jar

Preserve expensive creams, herbs, and other compounds and keep children safe from unwanted exposure. Discover light-proof and kid-safe storage with this latest offering.

  • BPA-free childproof lid is non-toxic and tamper-resistant
  • Can keep expensive cosmetics fresh for years
  • 2 Sizes Available
cosmetic jar
Infinity Jars can PRESERVE your Cosmetics for 2+ Years!
  • Airtight, Lightproof, Smellproof, Leak Proof
  • BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Childproof Classic Screw Top Jar

Make the switch from clear and amber glass jars and get premium UV glass jars that actually deliver what they promise. Preserve and prolong cosmetics, food, and medicines with our innovative line of classic screw top jars with special child safety features. Worrying about children getting into expensive creams, gels, compounds, spices, and more will be a thing of the past. Keep them safely away from children, oxygen, and other air-borne contaminants thanks to our airtight screw top with hidden childproof lock. Choose from two sizes that fit your storage or travel needs and rest assured that your favorite cosmetics, herbs, or prescribed meds are safe and sound. Our glass jars are made with the best science-backed UV-filtering glass that gently purifies, preserves, and rejuvenates your cream or dry products.

  • European-made glass blocks visible light to prolong product shelf life
  • Each jar features a screw top with lab-tested lock to prevent young children from opening
  • Sizes: 60 to 120 mL

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