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Glass Spray Bottles

Mist the air with freshness and keep the scents of liquid products potent by storing them in our leakproof, ultraviolet-filtering Glass Spray Bottles.

  • Gentle Fine Mist Spray
  • UV Glass Prevents Loss of Potency
  • 8 Sizes Available
cosmetic jar
PRESERVE the Aroma of Liquids for Years!
  • Airtight, Lightproof, Smellproof, Leak Proof
  • BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Real Customer Reviews

Great Spray Bottles"Best bottles for the money. No light gets in to degrade the product. Nice fine mist. I love them!"

Laureen M.

Definitely worth the price"I've been using this for my face toner (which I blend) and both the spray mechanism and the bottle are excellent. I'm not sure why some customers complained about the spray not being a fine mist as mine has been spraying a fine mist to my face twice daily since for almost three months now. I've also travelled with this bottle and it held up really well, no leakage or breakage so overall, Infinity Jars has become my new favourite brand of bottles for face oils, toners, and wash. Definitely worth the price."

Layla H.

"These spray bottles are great ! Very fine mist is awesome for the different alkalinity Kangen water I use daily !"

Belinda R.

Great Products"Terrific quality, great price and amazing customer service! I use my 200ml spray bottle for parfum and I rest assured as this bottle blocks nearly all light and the bottle stands up pretty well against drops as well. I found this out by accident but was pleasantly surprised! Would definitely recommend"

Robert A.

Excellent Product"Bought this for high purity water misting. Does not disappoint. The misting pump works very well, no splotchiness or dripping. The glass is black, as advertised, so no light gets in. Worth the search and investment."

Brian R.

Safe storage container and sprayer nozzle works well."I purchased this jar to spray disinfectant around the room. It does a nice job of spraying easily in a fine mist. I am very satisfied with my purchase."

W. E.

This sprayer works perfectly for this purpose and has a very nice spray pattern too with no leakage"I use this to store my L'art Du Son record cleaning fluid. It's an enzyme cleaner and can't be exposed to light. This sprayer works perfectly for this purpose and has a very nice spray pattern too with no leakage. Worth every penny."

Rob T.

Perfect Spray Bottle!"I bought these to make my own all natural bug sprays and disinfectant sprays for camping trips. They are made of high quality glass, the spray is a fine mist and consistently powerful. And I like knowing that I have years to use the products I mix and store in them without it losing its potency. Highly recommend."



Glass Spray Bottles

Designed with precision spraying in mind, our Glass Spray Bottles can gently diffuse liquids into a fine mist, like the cool clouds rising from the rainforest. Similar to tree canopies shading the forest floor, these bottles can block harmful sunlight from entering the glass. Their ultraviolet glass construction can also selectively allow beneficial rays to sanitize and rejuvenate liquid products. On top of that, their caps can seal tightly and lock in the aroma of the bottles’ contents. Be they perfume blends, yoga mat cleaners, or disinfectants, your liquid products will stay potent and fresh for years to come in our airtight, lightproof Glass Spray Bottles.

  • Leakproof sprayer gently diffuses liquids into a fine mist
  • Airtight cap prevents the aroma from escaping the bottle
  • Lab-designed ultraviolet glass keeps out harmful light and lets in beneficial rays
  • Ideal for perfumes, air fresheners, cosmetics, and cleaners
  • Sizes: 5 to 200 mL

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