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Variety Pack Glass Jars and Bottles

Collections of cosmetics, ingredients, essential oils, and other products deserve the ultimate lightproof protection of our Variety Pack Glass Jars and Bottles.

  • 18 Various Combinations of the Best Glass Jars & Bottles
  • All Products Are Airtight, Lightproof, Leakproof
  • Get Variety Packs for Huge Savings
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Infinity Jars can PRESERVE Freshness for 6+ Months!

Variety Pack Glass Jars and Bottles categories

  • Airtight, Lightproof, Smellproof, Leak Proof
  • BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Real Customer Reviews

I'm in Love"The Infinity jars are as elegant & airtight as I had imagined. My company is well represented in these beautiful black jars and I'm highly satisfied. "


Best Jars I've used"I'm outdoors a lot in the heat and these work perfectly. Keeps everything cool and fresh. No drying out from UV rays. Great product!"

Jillian M.

Magical jars"I'm in absolute shock. Infinity jars make any herbs I put in even better! They're made of a very thick, dark violet glass. The lids glide on smoothly and you can feel that there is an airtight seal. I dropped one of my old ones a couple months ago on the pavement and the lid broke but the glass jar did not. I purchased a replacement lid for only $2 so now I am able to use that jar again and it didn't go to waste. I love that they sell replacement lids. I highly recommend the variety pack. Best purchase ever!!! I can't wait to own every jar they offer!"

Nathan B.

Always excellent quality"I LOVE Infinity jars. They are perfect for spices, homemade infused oils, skin/body care and so much more. I appreciate that every style comes in a variety of sizes so you can get what you need."

Gail O.

So pretty and handy"Love that my oils are now readily available and the fact that they look so nice on my counter top doesn't hurt either, plus they don't take up a lot of room. Also has helped free up room in my pantry from the big fat bottles they came in. Looking forward to getting some wide mouth infinity jars for things such as ex. virgin coconut oil, coffee beans and my homemade spice and herb blends. The uses are limitless."


Can't waiting seeing our finish product"Thanks to Infinity Jars!!! We have received our shipment and prepped to make our Organic rose :rose: essence infused Beauty Water. I am amazed with the craftsmanship and can wait to share our finished product a week later...We are definitely planning our wholesale order in the near future."

Shirley S T.

Exceptional Airtight Storage!!!"Wow! Had I known about infinity jars earlier I would have been so much further ahead on having "fresh everything" at my fingertips. Living in Hawaii moisture takes its toll on herbs, powders, anything that absorbs moisture. Infinity jars come in a variety of functional sizes, are extremely well made and attractive. A must try!!"

Kyra B.

As Reliable as Day into Night"Your products are as described. You rise above many online retailers. I will keep coming back when the need arises. I give 10 Stars for product quality!"

Marleina B.


Variety Pack Glass Jars and Bottles

With the largest selection of the finest ultraviolet glass jars and bottles, it can be overwhelming to choose and settle for just one. That’s why we’ve studied the commonalities of past orders and put together 18 Variety Packs of our Glass Jars and Bottles that anyone will absolutely love to have. Getting these variety packs is, without question, a prudent option as we offer rewards and savings for customers buying multiple products at a time. Treat yourself and your collection of cosmetics or herbs with the ultimate preservation, or make someone else’s day a whole lot better with our Variety Packs as the perfect gifts.

  • Each Variety Pack includes glass containers of varying sizes, a combination of different styles, and many other options
  • All of our airtight, leakproof jars and bottles are made of ultraviolet glass
  • 11 packs under the Single Style Collection and 7 packs under the Variety Line
  • Sizes: 5 mL to 2 L

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