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Essential Oil Glass Bottles

Designed in a lab, these Essential Oil Glass Bottles can prevent damaging light from entering while selectively letting in beneficial rays to rejuvenate the essence of oils.

  • Airtight Caps, Euro Droppers, and Lightproof Glass
  • Can Protect the Essence of Essential Oils
  • 7 Sizes Available
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PRESERVE the Potency of Essential Oils for Years!
  • Airtight, Lightproof, Smellproof, Leak Proof
  • BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Essential Oil Glass Bottles

When essential oils are poorly stored or exposed to the sun, they tend to evaporate and lose their aromatic qualities. What makes the situation worse is that they don’t come cheap at all. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem, and it’s our special line of Essential Oil Glass Bottles. With their BPA-free airtight caps, these bottles can keep out oxygen and lock in the rich aroma of your essential oils. Plus, their Euro droppers are specially made to drop just the right amount of oils. To top it all off, these lab-designed bottles are constructed with ultraviolet glass, which can block out harmful rays coming from the sun. With our Essential Oil Glass Bottles, you can rest assured that your expensive essential oils will be as potent and aromatic as the day they were extracted.

  • Euro droppers accurately dispense small amounts of liquids
  • European-designed ultraviolet glass keeps out harmful light
  • Airtight cap locks in aroma
  • Sizes: 5 to 100 mL

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