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Glass Dropper Bottles

Preserve the quality and quantity of your liquid products by storing them in our Glass Dropper Bottles, which can block out harmful light, air, and moisture.

  • Airtight, Leakproof Caps & European-Made Lightproof Glass
  • Preserve Liquids & Measure Drops with the Utmost Precision
  • 7 Sizes Available
cosmetic jar
PRESERVE the Potency of Liquids for Years!
  • Airtight, Lightproof, Smellproof, Leak Proof
  • BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Real Customer Reviews

Old fashioned glass medicine bottle with glass droper"I ordered this because I liked the way it looked. A few days later physician ordered a special mix of ear drops for my husband, and we were glad we had this item. The dropper is much easier to use than the solid plastic bottles that you usually get with drops."

Gail D.

Arrived quickly, packaged very well and this bottle does protect a lot more than cobalt/Amber bot..."I realize these are pricey but I feel rest assured that the opaque black on these bottles do protect your essential oils, so it is worth the investment for high end essential oils that you don't want ruined by sunlight. Had accidentally left this on bathroom sink in direct line of window all day, so far days later, no rancid smell and does not appear to have gone bad. Did a test with a small sample of mango butter and appears to be fine."


The bottle is nice and does not seem too fragile"This jar was exactly what I had hoped for. The bottle is nice and does not seem too fragile. I use it to drop medicine onto my dog's itchy skin patches."


DA BEST!"These are so nice that I become preemptively distraught when I think about possibly ever breaking one. My first purchase was a set of six amber glass dropper bottles of the same size from another seller for about $7. I wasn't even considering the more expensive options because it seemed like pretty simple technology so for $7 I expected somebody to get it right. I was wrong. The caps ALL leaked. I couldn't even salvage one out of the package. I don't know if the company knew its products were defective and was counting on nobody bothering to repackage them and return them because of the price, but I sent mine back immediately. If only I had guessed that that company was garbage! Then maybe I would have bought these Infinity Jars instead! They seem expensive but they are made impeccably and should last a very long time if treated well. And YES they seal perfectly and they are beautiful to look at. I am using mine for beauty oil blends and DIY serums. Thank you Infinity Jars!"

Kelsey T.

High quality bottle to protect oils"Received the bottle very quickly. I like how dark it is so that it protects my home blended face oil."

S. B.

The bottle itself has some weight to it which is nice, the dropper has a rounder tip as opposed ..."I purchased this jar to house my marula oil which originally was in a clear pump bottle. The bottle itself has some weight to it which is nice, the dropper has a rounder tip as opposed to a pointed tip; Which in my opinion works better for oils, and the dark colour means that I can keep it on my counter top and not worry about the light degrading the oil. Overall I'm very pleased with the purchase"


100 ml Glass Pipette Dropper Bottle"My goal was to find a dark bottle for homemade Vit C serum. I tried reuse of Rx bottles, and others found around the house, but a friend told me about Infinity Jars. I immediately purchased a 100 ml Glass Pipette Dropper Bottle. I was very happy upon receipt. Then, I put it to the test… I made a fresh batch of Vit C serum and used my bottle for the first time. WOW! IMPRESSED! I am very happy with my purchase. It holds my 'brew' and dispenses just the right amount needed…and it is darker than any other bottle (important to keep out the light/UV that would diminish my 'cocktail' for antioxidants for the skin. THANK YOU, Infinity Jars for having the solution for my use of your bottle. I may have to buy more!!!"

Cat N.

Repeat shopper with Infinity products Excellent glass and seal on lids"Excellent glass and seal on lids. Even with dark storage the black glass makes a difference in longevity. Eye droppers have angled tip (you want this). Lab Grade."



Glass Dropper Bottles

There are two ways to prevent your oils from going to waste: one is to store them in airtight, lightproof bottles, and the other is to measure them in exact drops. However, there’s only one type of bottle that can do both, and it’s found here on Infinity Jars. Our jaw-dropping line of Glass Dropper Bottles features glass dropper pipettes with rubber tops, which can help you drop tinctures, face oils, eye drops, and other liquids with the utmost precision. Once you screw them on the glass bottles, not a single drop of liquid or a hint of aroma can escape from the bottles. With their lab-designed ultraviolet glass, these Glass Dropper Bottles can protect their contents against damaging light while letting in beneficial rays to sanitize and rejuvenate your products.

  • Ultraviolet glass bottles paired with glass pipette droppers
  • Keep liquids potent for years
  • Perfect for face oils, essential oils, serums, tinctures, and other liquids
  • Sizes: 5 to 100 mL

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