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The World’s Best and Purest All Natural Humidity Packs With Precise 2-Way Control

  • 100% Plant Based

    100% PLANT-BASED - Infinity Pack is the safest solution to preserving your herbs. No salt, liquids, gel, or any chemicals used.

  • Eco Friendy

    ECO-FRIENDLY - Uses all-natural plant fiber and paper wrapping, Infinity Pack is good for your herbs and the environment.

  • 2 way technology

    2-WAY TECHNOLOGY - Infinity Pack absorbs or releases pure water vapor, maintaining precise 2-way humidity control.

“When combined with Infinity Jars, Infinity Pack works well to keep all of my goods fresh for 2+ years.”


Founder of Infinity Jars - Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

“When combined with Infinity Jars, Infinity Pack works well to keep all of my goods fresh for 2+ years.”

Tram Pham
All Natural Humidity Packs

Our Product Line

Infinity Pack 1.5g

Infinity Pack 1.5g, 10 pack, 62% RH

Keep 3.5 g (0.12 oz) herbs fresh for up to 3 months. 1.5g Infinity Pack (62% RH) can help you preserve the aromatic compounds of small amounts of your precious herbs.

Each of our 1.5g humidity packs is specially designed for 100 ml Infinity Jars.

Infinity Pack 4g

Infinity Pack 4g, 10 pack, 62% RH

Want to prevent your herbs from becoming moldy or dry? Store up to 14 g (0.5 oz) herbs in a 250 ml Infinity Jar, slip a 4g Infinity Pack (62% RH) in the jar, and enjoy precise relative humidity of 62%.

Each pack will provide up to 3 months of freshness guaranteed.

Infinity Pack 8g

Infinity Pack 8g, 10 pack, 62% RH

Storing larger quantities of herbs? To preserve the freshest tastes and smells, the 8g Infinity Pack (62% RH) is your best storage solution.

Each of our 8g humidity packs is carefully engineered to keep 28 g (1 oz) herbs fresh for 3 months. Pair it with a 1 Liter Infinity Jar for the most powerful preservation combo.

What Makes Infinity Pack The Best?

Precise Relative Humidity Control

Protecting your goods from becoming too wet or too dry in the safest way possible—this is what our team of scientists had in mind when creating the Infinity Pack. Using 100% plant-based technology, our humidity packs organically modify ambient humidity. They are specially engineered to discharge or soak up moisture, keeping a precise relative humidity level and extending the shelf life of your stored goods.

Patented Plant-Based Technology

Infinity Pack offers state-of-the-art humidity control technology with a pure plant-based design. Made of multiple layers of eco-friendly plant fiber, each Infinity Pack can preserve the freshness of moisture-sensitive products for up to 3 months. Don’t risk contaminating your goods with gel, salt, liquids, or other harmful chemicals.

Makes Infinity Pack

Use Infinity Pack For



Whether you use herbs for culinary or medicinal purposes, Infinity Pack is the answer to your “too wet, too dry” problem. Its 2-way humidity control creates a perfectly balanced environment in an enclosed space, preventing any loss of taste or smell and letting you make the most of your precious herbs.

Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

No more dried fruits shriveling, no more excess moisture ruining them. Store your raisins, dried mangoes, dates, and prunes with Infinity Pack and keep them juicy, chewy, and tasting fresh. Because nature’s gifts deserve a plant-based humidity control solution.

Kitchen Ingredients

Kitchen Ingredients & More

Keep your tea, pantry ingredients, and other moisture-sensitive items from becoming too wet or too dry. With Infinity Pack, you can have an easy and clean way of prolonging the shelf life of your packaged goods.

Up to 2-Year Shelf Life

Sealed in unprinted breathable paper wrapping, Infinity Pack gives you the purest humidity control experience. No inks or dyes that’ll leach into your goods.

Our humidity packs are individually wrapped in clear plastic and stored in a resealable foil bag, so you can keep them fresh for up to 2 years. When it’s time to dispose of your Infinity Pack, toss it into your compost bin and allow it to break down into the earth as organic matter.

Tram Pham

Guaranteed to preserve dried goods for 2+ YEARS when combining Infinity Jars and Infinity Packs!!

2-Year Shelf Life

Infinity Packs Comparison Chart

  Infinity Pack 1.5g Infinity Pack 1.5g, 62% RH Infinity Pack 4g Infinity Pack 4g, 62% RH Infinity Pack 8g Infinity Pack 8g, 62% RH
Weight 1.5g, 62% RH 4g, 62% RH 8g, 62% RH
Pack Size 1.2”x1.7" (3x4.5 cm) 2”x2.8" (5x7 cm) 2.3”x3.9" (6x10 cm)
Herbs Protects up to 3.5g (0.12 oz) herbs Protects up to 14 g (1/2 oz) herbs Protects up to 28 g (1 oz) herbs
Jars 100 Ml jar 250 Ml jar 400 Ml - 1 Liter jar
Expires Up to 3 months Up to 3 months Up to 3 months

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Review star

Hands Down the Best Out There

I’ve tried other brands, and this seems like the best one. I wasn’t sure about it at first since it’s a relatively new brand, but after giving it a try, I have zero regrets. Keeps my herbs nice and fresh a lot longer!

- Parker B.
Review star

Simply Incredible

So I used an Infinity Pack with an Infinity Jar and just...wow. The only thing I can suggest is that this should have been made a long time ago! Love that it’s all natural and effective at keeping herbs fresh. I definitely recommend Infinity Pack for anyone who needs to preserve “herbs.”

- Billy B.
Review star

A Must Try

Infinity Pack really works. I’ve been using this for storing my meds, and it’s perfect for getting the perfect humidity. They still smell, taste, and look good as new! A great investment overall.

- Tam N.

Easy to Use

Clear plastic wrapping

Remove the clear plastic wrapping and slip the Infinity Pack inside an airtight jar.

Ultraviolet light-filtering glass

For best results, use an Infinity Jar, which features ultraviolet light-filtering glass technology and an airtight seal.

Lasts for up to 3 months

Lasts for up to 3 months after use. Dispose of your Infinity Pack once it becomes stiffer and drier. The all natural Infinity Pack will decompose after disposal.

Keep your Infinity Packs

Keep your Infinity Packs fresh for up to 2 years for reuse. Put them in the included foil bag, reseal the bag properly, and keep them in a cool, dark place.

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