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May Social Media Giveaway Contest Winner

Congratulations to Tmorrisonphoto, the winner of a $50 Infinity Jars Gift Card! His photo has been reviewed by our team and crowned the most creative photo entry of this month's contest

We also want to say thank you for all of the contestants who have been submitting photos to us! It's been a pleasure seeing all of them.

 Good news! Another giveaway is here for the month of JuneTo join:
-Follow us on Instagram, Facebook/infinity.jars, or Pinterest/infinity_jars
-Pin or share a picture of our glass in use
-Use our hashtags: #InfinityJars #GlassOverPlastic #WorldsBestGlass

2 Winners will be selected at the end of each month: 1 for creativity, 1 at random.

Winners will receive a $50 Infinity Jars Gift Card and be announced on our blog!



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