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How it Works: The Science Behind Infinity Jars Ultraviolet Glass

Ever fix a running toilet? Light a furnace pilot light on your own? Get something on your phone running properly? There is an indescribable satisfaction after accomplishing any one of these tasks. All are tasks that could potentially warrant a professional to come and handle it for you, but you went ahead and figured it out on your own!

Outstanding! It’s one thing to know something exists, whether it’s your toilet, your furnace or an iPhone, but it’s an entirely different thing to know how that thing works and be able to fix it. Master your technology and master your world. That’s why here at Infinity Jars we’ve started our “How it Works” blog series. Each post will take a look at different scientific aspects of our business and let you know exactly how it works for your education and pleasure.

You’ve seen our great products, you’ve read our reviews and now you’re wondering… How do they work? What are the scientific forces behind Infinity Jars’ amazing ultraviolet glass preservation? It’s a question we’re often asked, and we wanted to give you a comprehensive look at the science of Infinity Jars ultraviolet glass, so when you’re done reading you’ll understand exactly how it works!


Infinity Jars Science

Light, along with water and oxygen, are the keys of life. Plants, microscopic organisms, algae and other foundations of the food chain convert light into energy through the process of photosynthesis. As the plant or organism reaches maturity, the same light that nourished its growth will accelerate the rate at which it decays. Infinity Jars prevent visible light from entering and engaging the contents of your jars in this way. In other words, natural products ripen with light to a certain point, and after that point of peak ripeness light damages the product. Our jars are designed to prevent this decay by blocking out all damaging visible light wavelengths.

Light is divided into two groups, visible and non-visible. Objects acquire color by reflecting light off of objects in that color. The object then absorbs all other colors. So an orange appears orange, not because the orange is actually orange, but because the orange’s pigment reflects orange and absorbs all other wavelengths of light... Whoa. 

So for the example of Infinity Jars, our bottles and jars appear black, but when held to the light appear violet. This is because the ultraviolet glass used to make our bottles and jars allows only violet light from the visible light spectrum, and absorbs all others.

In addition, there is light that goes past the visible color spectrum. These wavelengths of light are called ultraviolet and infrared light. Infrared light’s wavelength and structure makes it particularly useful for night vision technology, weather forecasting and infrared cleaning. Ultraviolet light promotes the production of Vitamin D, which nourishes bones and inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is for this last reason that ultraviolet light is used in municipal and private water and air purification systems. Infinity Jars harness these same energies, permitting infrared light to pass through, to prevent the growth of bacteria, and pathogens in the contents of our jars and bottles. Without the appropriate habitat to thrive in, these organisms will move on to greener pastures and leave your valuable commodities alone.

Light Wavelength Chart and Energy Graph

Infinity Jars allow UVa, violet light in the range of 380-420 nanometers penetration of 25%-45% and infrared light in the range of 730-1050 nanometers penetration of approximately 60%.

UVa light has the highest density of energy of all lights. By allowing this type of invisible light to bathe your products you are exposing your products to the highest amount of bio-energy in the safest way possible.



Lastly, all Infinity Jars containers are leak-proof and airtight. Allowing oxygen to pass into your containers speeds up the decomposition process. This is especially true for high quality oxygen sensitive substances. These benefits are highlighted when comparing Infinity Jars Ultraviolet Glass to plastic containers. Plastic containers are porous, allow oxygen to permeate the container, and can leak chemicals into the goods that you are trying to protect.

It is for these reasons that Infinity Jars ultraviolet glass containers are superior to other jars and bottles. Our containers only allow the flow of visible violet light wavelengths. By blocking all other types of visible light we protect the contents of each jar and bottle from the damaging effects of visible light. Our containers also allow in infrared and high energy UV light. This light is used to help sanitize the inside of our containers, making the environment inhospitable for bacteria, and other pathogens (note: the jars aren’t mold-proof if moisture is present as the mold can react with the air present in the jar when sealing it).

Finally, Infinity Jars containers are leak proof and airtight. This prevents your goods from being exposed to oxygen, which negatively affects product quality. If you want more, check out our Science section for more information.
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