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What People Are Saying About Us: Infinity Jars Reviews

Many will take time during the first days of the New Year to sit back and reflect on the past year. It’s a time to contemplate serious life questions, where you’re going, and where’ve you been. 

Questions like: Did you get that cat tree built for your kitty? Did you go to the gym… Sometimes? Did you finally quit Farmville… For good?? ;-) At the same time, many will also look forward to the New Year with bright, eager eyes, ready to seize 2016 by the horns. These people may ask themselves questions like: What new goals can I set? What can I cook for someone, that is this good? How will I avoid Farmville’s clutches? How will I go to the gym… More than sometimes? As Infinity Jars looks back on this year and years past we are proud of what we have accomplished as a business. We sell the best ultraviolet glass containers available for the best price, we maintain a high level of execution on fulfillment, and we provide top of the line customer service. We wanted to share a few past reviews with you that we feel exemplify these key aspects of our company, while also recommitting to executing them into the New Year.


Infinity Jars Company Value #1: Quality Products

We don't mean to brag but… We sell the highest quality ultraviolet glass containers, for the best price. Period. No other company provides a catalog of our size, featuring over 30 different styles of jars for a multitude of uses. The quality shows, we have a ton of great reviews. Look at this great video review the Mommy Archives gave Infinity Jars:

We love the fact that Jessica took the time to review our products and see how they performed over time. Jessica uses expensive raw honey to wash her face; fractionated coconut oil and jojoba oil as skin care products on a regular basis. All three of these products benefit from the airtight seal; sturdy leak proof lid and high tech negative UV light protection that Infinity Jars glass containers provide. Be sure to check out the Mommy Archives for more great reviews and updates on a “simple, natural life.”

The New Age Mama gave us a great review complimenting our superior performance testing and overall versatility, check it out here. This blog post is great because the New Age Mama really drills into the science of what makes our jars so special. The New Age Mama is constantly posting reviews and giveaways so subscribe to keep up.

We're proud to offer our products on Amazon! So far we've had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback for our hard work. Check out some of our favorite Amazon Reviews:

Infinity Jars 250 ml Review David Ayotte


Cheers to you David!

A. Holloway's Amazon Review of the 50 ml Screw Top Infinity Jar


A. Holloway, so happy to be of service.

Consuela's 15 ml Glass Dropper Bottle Infinity Jars Amazon Review

We love, that you love our droppers! Thanks Consuela!

Infinity Jars Company Value #2: Fulfillment

Here at the Infinity Jars warehouse, we take fulfillment seriously. We carefully wrap each Infinity Jar by hand in industrial strength bubble wrap (as if we were sending it to ourselves). This carefully wrapped product then gets placed into an extra thickness cardboard box, which is then sealed with multiple lengths of extra strength packing tape. Check out a review complimenting our excellent packaging taken straight off our website:

Nichole W's Review of 100 ml Screw Top Infinity Jar


It is so frustrating to receive damaged or broken items in the mail, we take extra measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you (more about our 30 day no hassle return later).

We commit to constantly providing efficient and speedy fulfillment times on all of our products. This makes you happy, so it makes us happy! We strive to get all orders mailed next day. Here are some reviews from customers impressed by our fulfillment speeds:


David E Bench's 250 ml Screw Top Infinity Jars Review


Short and sweet, we like it!

LittleAche's 50 ml Screw Top Infinity Jar Amazon Review

Wow! Great Review LittleAche!

Infinity Jars Company Value #3: Customer Service Review

Our ultimate goal is to make you, the customer, happy. We provide swift, helpful and courteous customer service not because we have to, but because we want to. We take the utmost care to make sure that all our communications are clear, concise and we leave our customers satisfied. Look at these reviews from our customers talking about our customer service:

Dylan P's Infinity Jars Customer Service Review

Thanks Dylan!

Beng C.'s Infinity Jars Customer Service Review

We love you too Beng!

 Lastly, we offer “The Infinity Jars 30-day-guarantee” If you don't see the preservation you expected, or the jar just didn't work for you within 30 days of using our jars, simply send us an email and we'll refund your order (minus shipping). No questions asked! 



We hope your New Years dreams come true! Whether you are looking forward to losing weight, or scared at the thought of returning to Farmville, the New Year is a place of possibility and wonder. One thing you can count on throughout this year, and the next and the next, is that Infinity Jars will stand true to our core values: superior products, superior fulfillment and superior customer service. We are excited for the New Year.

We are excited to bring you the very best in ultraviolet glass technology. We are excited to come to work and demand a high level of fulfillment and we are excited to help you with your customer service needs.


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