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Cooking Oil Bottles With Spout
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Cooking Oil Bottles and Jars

Oil is one of the fundamental building blocks of cooking. Don't you think something so important to cooking everyday should have a top of the line bottle or jar? Enter: Infinity Jars. Our special jars are designed to keep oil fresh, make oil easy to dispense and help oil look amazing in one of our stunning ultraviolet glass containers that will stand out on your counter or next to your stovetop.

  • Airtight, Lightproof, Spillproof
  • Don't Trust Other Bottles to Store Your Precious Cooking Oils, Only Infinity Jars Boasts the Technology to Protect Your Delicious Cooking Oils From the Sun
  • Buy Now - 5 Styles/Sizes Available for Sale

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3128 reviews
I could not ask for a better light limiting container!

I bought these 500 ml Classic Screw Top Wide Mouth Jars in the hopes of preserving some items and liquids (that keep longer in a darker environment) better and for a longer period of time. Let me be clear: These are the best option by leaps and bounds! I could not imagine being more pleased with the quality of the jars and extra longevity they provide for my items! Thank You Infinity Jars and keep innovating!

Replacement lids

Perfect fitting lids for a 250 jar or 400ml jar thank you for a great product

Replacement Screw Top Lids

Great shit

Received one of my jars broken customer service was excellent and replacement was mailed out same day great company love my jars

1 Liter Classic Screw Top Wide Mouth Jar

Love these jars. It is the perfect size to store my coffee beans.