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The Best Uses for Glass Vials

To many, glass vials may still have an impression as old boring containers for medicinal uses. Seeing one may remind you of the unpleasurable smell of pills, serum, and other dull things. Vials may not be the type of bottles that could kindle fun and lively thoughts.

 Well, maybe we can change that for you.

You might be surprised by just how many things such little bottles are ideal for other than medicines. Perhaps all we need is a little imagination.

If we think about the things we do on a daily basis, surely you can come up with a number of articles to use vials for. Their small size doesn't make them less functional than other bottles, surely. Having a good set of glass vials will prove helpful in more than a few ways.

If you're finding it hard to think how, then please, do keep reading.

Small Bottles, Big Advantages

Keeping stuff in small bottles offer some evident and some interestingly less obvious benefits. It may be just the right type of bottle for the kind of lifestyle many of us have. Its size makes it convenient to be carried in our bags without taking too much space. It is great for people who are always going out. Whether you leave the house everyday for work, for school, or for errands, having a reliable little bottle would serve you really well.

Check out how much significant advantages such small bottles could give:

On-the-go Bottles

Americans are known for their on-the-go culture. We are outgoing and always has something next to do. We like eating outside for any meal of the day. Many of us like spending time with friends. We like discovering new things and of course, we like being productive.

It is no wonder many of us carry so much stuff inside their bags and their cars. Sometimes we just want to bring as much stuff from our homes with us whenever we go out. If only we have space!

Thankfully, there are ways to be able to bring some of your goods with you --even if not all at once. Having reliable bottles such as vials allows us to carry stuff that we need just right for a day's worth of consumption. You can also save a lot of space for other things you need.

Of course, you just need to make sure that your bottles are suitable for traveling. Make sure that you use bottles that have airtight caps. You know how much mess spilling liquid inside your bag or spewing strong odors inside your car can make.

With Infinity Jars products, we can guarantee that you can avoid such incidents. Our bottles feature BPA-free plastic lids with polyurethane liners to ensure a watertight and airtight seal.

Browse our great selection of travel-friendly jars and bottles!

Consumption Control

Pleasure snacks and sweet treats get eaten in a flash when they come in tiny, finger-picking bits. Guilty? We all are!

We often lose control of the amount of food we consume when we are distracted while eating. We also tend to overeat when we eat late and feel starved.

We also tend to eat too much when we are stressed. How many times have we thought about our well-kept treats waiting in our kitchen cabinets and fridge while driving home from a stressful day at work? Instead of going through a guilt-filled snacking in a single eating, why not try regulating your consumption with small bottles?

Try bringing just a vial-full of your favorite treat for the whole day. You can simply pull it out at any time of the day, whenever your mouth feels like nibbling on them. The knowledge of having a limited supply for the whole day could help you control your consumption.

A good vial can be a good disciplinarian to our appetite. However, they should also be a good keeper of our snacks. Make sure that you only use high-quality bottles that can preserve texture and flavors of food.

You don't have to look for them. All of Infinity Jars bottles and jars are equipped with the technology to ensure that their contents stay fresh and in top condition. The UV glass we use keeps visible light from penetrating and allows the helpful UV and infrared lights in. You can be sure that your beloved snacks are as fresh as when you closed the bottle once you open them again. Browse our great selection of jars and bottles for storing food!


Carry More Varieties

Sometimes, the problem is not that we want so much of one thing, but that we want a little bit of many. it is hard to choose which stuff to bring and which stuff to leave behind especially when you have limited space to carry them.

Carrying a number of smaller bottles allows you to carry a variety of the stuff you want. Whereas bringing a bigger bottle that consumes just enough space may limit you to a single choice. Divide and conquer, that is what glass vials can do.

Do you like putting on different fragrances? Maybe you prefer eating different nuts separately rather than mixed together? Do you have a collection of essential oils? Glass vials are helpful for so many cases like these.

We all just love having the freedom to choose. You can get exactly that when you use smaller containers.

Speaking of varieties, how about buying Infinity Jars products in sets --and for lower costs! Check out our Variety Packs and find pre-selected jars and bottles ideal for different purposes.


Clever Uses For Glass Vials

Perhaps now, you agree that glass vials are pretty useful. A lot of great things can truly come in small bottles. Do you have your own creative ideas of things to fill them with? Here is our own list of clever ways to use glass vials:

1. Essential Oil And Perfume Blend Bottles

    Some of the most popular stuff that our customers buy our jars and bottles for our essential oils and perfumes. The UV glass technology of our products ensures that these fragrant substances do not go stale or oxidize.

    The watertight and airtight seal of our bottles also guarantees that you will not spill any of your prized liquids inside your purse. It will also protect the essential oils and perfumes from contaminants present in the air.

    Small bottles work wonderfully for perfumes and essential oils because they would allow you to bring them in just the right amounts. They can fit easily in your bag or pockets and be sure that they will not spill.

    Infinity Jars offers a diverse selection of 5ml bottles. You can choose from any of our different types of applicator. These include euro droppers, steel rollers, glass rollers, and fine mist spray applicators.


    2. Contact Lens Solution And Eye Drop Bottle

      Caring for your contact lenses can be very delicate. You have to take them off, clean them with a solution and put them back. It is a careful task you have to do again and again. It could be difficult at times, but our vision is very valuable and worth taking care of.

      In this vital and intricate job, a good glass vial can provide you with some important help. Contamination of your contact lens solution and eye drops can lead to terrible eye infections. Any solid particle that sticks to your lenses can also scratch and irritate your eyes. An impenetrable container is needed to hold these substances and protect them from foreign materials.

      A good quality container is also necessary to maintain the potency of the contact lens solution as well the eye drops.

      Of course, where your vision is in need, so should your eye care products. Glass vials let you carry your contact lens' companions anywhere you have to go.

      Choose from Infinity Jar's pocket-size dropper bottles featuring airtight cap seal and UV glass!

      3. After-Coffee Mints Bottle

        There is nothing like a good cup of coffee to make your day. However, your favorite blend may not taste so good anymore after staying for quite some time in your mouth. Even your breath might start to smell bad. At such times, and when there is no 7-eleven nearby, it is always good to have a stash of mints to freshen up your mouth.

        How about keeping a good glass vial to store your mints? The UV glass of Infinity Jars bottles possesses laboratory-tested ability to keep their contents fresh and in the prime state. They can seal in the flavor and minty goodness that you often look for after your daily coffee or after a starchy meal.

        4. Treats Keeper For Kids

          Are you going on a long road trip with kids? Well, you better have prepared your list of games and entertainment to kill the boredom. To add to those, perhaps bring with you a good bottle of candy and treats for everyone to enjoy.

          Glass vials are also great containers if you plan to give candies and treats as gifts. You can divide a big pack of sweets into several bottles. This is an awesome idea especially if you have a number kids on your gift-giving list.

          5. Hand Sanitizer And Lotion Dispenser

          You can never ever tell when, where and how often you need to sanitize your hands. We use our hands on almost everything we do. For this reason, it also prone to collecting dirt and dust. Many bacteria and other microorganisms may reside on our palms, fingertips, and nails. That is why it may be good to think about sanitizing them before touching eating, scratching your eyes or your face.

          Being ready with a bottle of sanitizer can be a lifesaver. Keeping it in a pocket-size glass vial will make it easy to bring it anywhere you go.

          Infinity Jars 5ml fine mist spray bottle and glass push pump bottles will work great for these applications.

          6. Insect Repellent Bottles For Camping Trips

          Never, never forget to bring insect repellents when going on a hiking or camping trip. Insect bites can completely ruin your supposed joyful time. Scratches and small wounds are also a possibility. It is also important that you have a disinfectant in your camping bag.

          Insect repellents and disinfectants are very helpful products, but they are also quite strong substances. They should be carried in travel-safe containers with watertight and airtight seal caps.

          Our laboratory-tested glass bottles will certainly serve as reliable carriers for insect repellents and disinfectants. Infinity Jars offers a good selection of UV glass bottles with a variety of dispensing caps. Choose a fine mist spray bottle for even distribution or a push pump applicator for a palm-filled amount in a single press.

          7. Bottle For Nuts And Berries

            Do you always feel so hungry during lunch but then end up feeling bloated because you ate too much? It's awful, right? Here is something that experts say can help you control your misleading hunger: nuts.

            Nuts are very rich in unsaturated fats. These nutrients are basically concentrated sources of energy. That is why it is believed that eating nuts can help you feel full and satisfied. This will help you suppress your appetite and allow you to eat a more ideal amount and at a more normal pace.

            Try keeping a vial of this healthy, fat-rich food with you. Munching on nuts before your lunch break could help you regulate your eating habit.

            8. Ash Holder of Deceased Loved Ones

              Glass vials serve as helpful containers not just for stuff that are good for your health. They can also carry sentimental articles such as the ashes of people who have passed away. You wear them as a pendant or you can place them on your work desk. If you want, you can have it on your car's dashboard. Wherever you wish to place them, glass vials can carry your beloved's ashes and memory for you.

              Some people also use glass vials for containing sand from very memorable places in their life. Examples of these are the beach where they got engaged or their dream travel destination.

              9. On-The-Go Container For Cereal Drink And Oatmeal Mix

              Are you always running late in the morning? Many people are, and most times we choose to skip breakfast. In fact, up to 25% of Americans skip breakfast regularly.

              Being in a hurry in the morning may be unavoidable, but it does not have to mean that you cannot have breakfast at all.

              Here is a great tip for finding hard to be morning persons. Try storing a number of glass bottles with single servings of cereal or oatmeal mix. Whenever you have no time to take a bite in the morning, you can just grab a bottle and fix yourself a healthy cereal drink once you get to your office. It a great way to start your day at work.

              Infinity Jars Go-For-Small Selection

              Infinity Jars glass jars and bottles come in a variety of shapes, functions, and of course, sizes! In many different ways, as we have discovered, small is just the way to go. Certainly, our lineup of small-size bottles is not small at all in terms of helpful properties.

              Just like all our other products, they are laboratory tested and proven-effective in safekeeping their contents. Their UV glass material protects your goods from harmful visible light and allows beneficial ultraviolet and infrared light to enter.

              You can carry them anywhere and be safe from any spilling thanks to their airtight and watertight seal cap. They also come with a variety of applicators suitable for any type of dispensing you need.

              Discover the wonders that jars and bottles could do with a little bit of science. If you haven't yet experienced using the products of Infinity Jars, try one from our list of bottles below. There is no danger in starting small. If you are no longer new to our products but haven't yet considered the advantages of small bottles, check out our go-for-small selection!

              1. 5ml Glass Fine Mist Spray Bottle
              • 5 ml capacity (.17 fl oz)
              • Ultra Modern UV Glass Prevents Visible Light From Damaging Your Goods
              • Airtight Seal Keeps Oxygen out and Keeps Smells In!
              • Clean and Use Again, Eco-Friendly
              • Perfect On the Go Size for Backpacks, Bags and Travel
              • .14 ml is Dispensed with Each Spray
              1. 5ml Glass Essential Oil Bottle With Euro Dropper Cap
              • 5 ml capacity (.17 fl oz)
              • Ultraviolet Glass Keeps Visible Light Out, Bathes Products in Helpful UV and Infrared Light
              • Tough Airtight Seal Prevents Oxygen From Spoiling Contents
              • Eco-friendly UV Glass is Easy to Wash and Use Again
              • Pocketsize! Fits Into Purses and Bags Easily for Travel
              1. 5ml Glass Pipette Dropper Bottle
              • 5 ml capacity (.17 fl oz)
              • State of the Art Airtight Ultraviolet Glass Preserves your Goods for 6 Months or Longer
              • Special Design Prevents all Visible Light from Entering
              • Glass Bottles Reduce Waste
              • Durable Rubber No Leak Dropper
              • Glass Pipette Holds .6 ml
              1. 5ml Glass Roller Applicator Bottle
              • 5 ml capacity (.17 fl oz)
              • UV Glass Prevents Visible Light From Damaging Your Goods
              • BPA-Free Plastic Cap Seals Tightly, Leakproof and Smellproof
              • Earth Friendly, Wash and Recycle, No Waste
              • Small Easy to Carry Size, Perfect for Pockets Purses or Backpacks
              • Glass Roller Ball Applicator is Extremely Durable and Goes on Smooth
              1. 5ml Stainless Steel Roller Applicator Bottle
              • 5ml capacity (.17 fl oz)
              • Special UV Glass Blocks Visible Light, Increases Shelf Life
              • Strong Airtight Seal, Prevents Leaks and Oxygen From Spoiling Goods
              • Environment-Friendly, Wash and Re-Use Again and Again
              • Pocket size, Fits in Purses, Bags and Backpacks
              • Steel Roller Ball Applicator Won't Melt When Exposed to Volatile Liquids and Goes on Smooth
              1. 5ml Glass Push Pump Bottle
              • 5 ml capacity (.17 fl oz)
              • Special Ultraviolet Glass Shields Products From Damaging Visible Light Rays
              • Protects Aroma Potency with Airtight and Leak-Proof Lid
              • No Waste, Empty, Wash and Reuse!
              • Smallest Size, Fits Excellently in Purses, Bags and Backpacks
              • .1 ml is Dispensed with Each Pump




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