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Essential Oils
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Store Your Costly Essential Oils With Confidence

Essential oils are aromatic, expensive, and particularly volatile when left exposed. These three points make Infinity Jars an excellent option for storing essential oils. Our jars are airtight and scent-proof, locking in rich aroma and keeping out oxygen, which will degrade the quality of your oils over time. The unique formula of our ultraviolet glass keeps essential oils in the optimal conditions for long term storage. The BPA free plastic Euro-Dropper style lid makes measuring out drops a breeze. We ourselves use dropper bottles for expensive essential oils and DIY blends, and we didn't want to risk degradation of our homemade batches. 

  • Perfect for Use with DIY Projects
  • Measure and Dispense Small Amounts of Liquid Accurately
  • Airtight Seal Locks in Aroma

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