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Top 10 Kitchen Storage Containers That are Getting Rave Reviews

The best kitchen storage containers that you could use for storing a wide variety of ingredients. Here’s how you can preserve, protect, and enhance the quality of stored goods using UV glass technology. Check out our shop for more UV glass bottles and jars that are made for high performance.

Many would agree that the kitchen is where the heart of the home is. It’s where we cook our meals that nourish and delight us. It is then important to store our food and ingredients the best way possible – to ensure that they continue being clean, safe to eat, and fresh for use. You deserve to enjoy and make the most out of the food that you buy from the grocery or market.

If you want to preserve the freshness of ingredients and extend the shelf-life of bulk goods, why not try these containers made of UV glass? Lab-optimized Ultraviolet Glass is a latest innovation that filters in beneficial light rays which preserves, sanitizes and nourishes products stored inside. It also blocks out harmful UV rays in order to decrease decay of dried goods. What makes it a must-have is that the beautiful quality of the UV glass makes it a modern and stylish addition to any part of your home. Imagine filling your counters or cupboards with these sleek and high quality storage solutions – you’ll love using and storing your precious ingredients in them.

Here are the top 10 UV glass containers that you can store your liquid and solid kitchen ingredients without a fuss:

1 Liter Square Glass Bottle with Oil

This premium quality bottle is designed for regular use and heavy workloads. Store precious liquid ingredients such as olive oil, cooking wine, vinaigrette and so much more in this 1-liter square glass bottle. Its BPA-free and durable oil spout dispenses accurate pours for you to have a hassle-free cooking or dining. The UV glass material preserves the potency of your liquid ingredients and keeps them fresh for a longer period.

100 ml Glass Covered Dish with Glass Lid

This unique and rare item makes a beautiful addition to your kitchen and dining collection. It’s perfect for storing and preserving spices, herbs, grains and so much more. It prevents aroma or potency of materials from coming out, and protects ingredients from oxygen damage.

100 ml Glass Slow Pour Bottle

Do you find it hard to look for the perfect bottle that allows you to have easy and accurate pouring of oil or liquid ingredients? This 100 ml glass bottle has a slow pour spout that makes it easy to measure and serve – whether you’re cooking or mixing ingredients. You don’t have to buy regular bottles that would easily degrade over time, when this UV glass slow pour bottle can last a lifetime. Wash and reuse it over and over again.

200 ml Glass Soap Dispenser Bottle

Do you admire those soap dispensers in spas or hotels that seem so sophisticated? You can now have one in your home with this beautifully functional 200 ml Glass Soap Dispenser Bottle. It adds a level of chic to your kitchen sink, and you’ll love how it dispenses the perfect amount for hand washing. The UV glass material filters in beneficial light rays that gently nourishes and sanitizes the product inside the bottle.

1 Liter Round Glass Bottle

Looking for a glass bottle that can keep your water fresh and clean for a long time? This 1-liter Round Glass Bottle is made of UV glass which gently filters drinking water from harmful bacteria. The BPA-free plastic cap creates an airtight and leak-proof seal, protecting you from any spills if ever you bring this bottle with you on-the-go. You can reuse it over and over again, which lessens the need to buy cheap and regular water bottles.

1 Liter Classic Screw Top Wide Mouth Jar

If you have a bulk goods store or zero-waste shop in your locality, bring this jar with you in buying and storing ingredients without having to use plastic packaging. The UV glass preserves the freshness of your dried goods and ingredients for 6 – 24 months, which makes it a great investment for use at home (and for saving the environment as well).

200 ml Tall Glass Screw Top Jar

This 200 ml Tall Glass Screw Top Jar is designed to fit into narrow spaces, but still hold a good amount of product that you need to store. This sturdy and durable jar is airtight and leak-proof, so you don’t have to worry about losing the freshness or potency of stored ingredients. It’s also safe for use in the dishwasher for easy clean up.

1 Liter Screw Top Jar with Aluminum Lid

If you’re looking for a heavy duty and reusable jar with upgraded features, go for this 1-liter Screw Top Jar with silver cap. The aluminum lid protects your products from germs, shuts out pollutants, and preserves the top condition of stored goods. This jar covers all bases with its UV glass preservation qualities and the aluminum lid’s functional component.

  • Kitchen Glass Jars Set

    Get ready for these “eye-candy” beautiful pieces that you can display on your kitchen counter. And it’s just not for display, as it preserves your kitchen ingredients to their top condition for months. This variety pack includes a 1-liter apothecary jar, 1-liter screw top jar, 1-liter square oil bottle, 500 ml long neck oil bottle, and 250 ml square oil bottle. You’ll have the storage solutions you need for big or small amounts, whether it’s your most valuable liquid or solid ingredients.

  • The Complete Apothecary Collection

      Have you been searching for a set of apothecary jars that can be a good investment for your collection at home? These stylish and functional apothecary jars exude vintage-Egyptian inspired silhouettes that look classic and timeless wherever you put it at home. The glass-on-glass top has a dual functionality – it works as a lid and also as a serving glass cup.

      This apothecary collection includes four apothecary jars in different sizes – 2-liter, 1-liter, 500 ml and 250 ml.


      When purchasing items for your home, it’s best to take a careful look on each piece and see how it fits the entire theme of your home. You’ll be grateful at the end when you see everything laid out in your home, especially when you thoughtfully selected each piece and created wise decisions for every purchase.

      The Infinity Jars bottles included in this article are designed just for that – every piece is carefully crafted to look stylishly elegant and serve versatile functions for every home. These kitchen essentials are built to last, minimizes waste, and preserves the top condition of stored goods for months to come.

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