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Apothecary Glass Jars - Wholesale Packaging to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Studies prove that packaging is a crucial factor that affects people’s buying decisions. Because of that, it’s important to talk about what could be the best packaging solution for your business. Could it be that apothecary glass jars are the answer?

A business like yours deserves people’s attention--the kind that makes them want to buy, the kind that creates good branding and turns sightseers into buyers then into loyal customers. However, the path to winning loyalty is never easy. And that is why it’s a must for businesses to understand their market and the factors that affect their purchasing decisions. 

Regardless of the size of your business, branding is and always will be a crucial factor in whether or not people would be loyal to your product. Branding is shaped by many different elements, and your products and their product packaging are some of the most important. 

In this article, we will talk about why branding matters, why good packaging is essential, and why apothecary glass jars could be the best packaging solution for your business

If you’re ready to see your products standing out from the crowd, then be sure to read this article to the end. But first, what is business branding?

Apothecary Jars

Business Branding and Why Packaging Matters

Branding is probably one of the most confusing business concepts, especially among young entrepreneurs and startups. However, despite various definitions and contrasting ideas, we’ll focus on two things that many marketers and businesses agree on: (1) that branding has a lot to do with how a business presents itself and (2) that the brand created in customers’ minds will affect their buying decisions. 

A business can present itself in various ways. There’s the business logo, the tagline or messaging, social media profiles, website, the overall design of its online and/or brick-and-mortar store, and, of course, the design and packaging of its products. 

While it’s true that a business cannot completely control people’s perception of it through great branding techniques, maximizing those that can be controlled makes a very big and significant difference. One of the things that businesses can control? The quality of their products and the packaging they come with. 

According to a recent study about consumers and product packaging, customers’ buying decisions tend to be impacted by the safety (75%) and convenience (76%) of a product’s packaging. Also, it was found that 80% of Millenials prefer packaging types that they can easily store in their homes.


Customers’ buying decision tends to be impacted by the safety (75%) and convenience (76%) of a product’s packaging.

Furthermore, the study revealed that aesthetic quality is indeed a powerful driving force for consumers to purchase something for the first time (81%), repeat the purchase (63%), or switch to another brand because of new packaging (52%). 

Indeed, no business can underestimate or ignore the cruciality of packaging. And if you want your biz to win, the best time to start using quality packaging solutions is today.


Aesthetic quality is a powerful driving force for consumers to purchase something for the first time (81%), repeat the purchase (63%), or switch to another brand because of new packaging (52%).

Packaging Solutions by Apothecary Jars

The fact that you’re reading this means that you are either considering apothecary jars for your biz or that you’re already using them and you want to learn more. 

Apothecary jars have been around since the days of Ancient Egypt and the Mesopotamian Era. They were usually made of alabaster or stone, and their primary use was for storing special herbs, potions, and other materials that apothecaries--equivalent of modern-day pharmacists--used to treat illnesses.

From the early era to the decades that succeeded it, many developments happened in the medicinal field, eventually leading to advancements in the pharmaceutical industry. Apothecary bottles and jars were also redesigned so that they were more suitable for different types of medicines, including liquid or syrup medicines. 

Today, apothecary jars are no longer as popular in the medicinal field as they used to be. However, they are still some of the most popular containers for different sorts of products, including dried herbs, baking supplies, cooking condiments, liquor, essential oils, body and hair products, and so many more. 

Vintage apothecary jars, particularly those that are made of a clear material, are also commonly used for decorating homes, wedding receptions, and other special events. Their uses can go as far as a person’s creativity can reach, which is one of the reasons why they make attractive packaging choices.

Plastic Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars made of plastic are affordable and usually durable enough to last for months and years. They’re usually clear, which makes them stylish containers for sweet treats like cookies and candies. Businesses can also use them as packaging for hygiene and first-aid supplies like cotton balls, cotton buds, gauze, and the like.

The disadvantage of these jars, however, is they tend to be easily dented or scratched. Also, some plastic materials tend to become discolored or yellowish over time. Once dents and discoloration start to appear, the jars lose their stylish look and might even become brittle later on. 

Plastic apothecary jars could be great containers for products sold at cheap prices. However, for more high-end products, glass jars could be more fitting in terms of both quality and style. 

Glass Apothecary Jars

Compared with plastic, glass apothecary jars are more elegant in appearance. They are more versatile, and most of them are suitable for storing food items. Also, their quality tends to last since they are made of glass. After using them as containers, people can use them to store other items or as decorative elements.

However, not all glass apothecary jars are the same. For example, products that are light-sensitive will not last long if they are placed in ordinary apothecary glass jars. Clear glass jars do not provide any level of protection from light exposure, which is why they cannot store degradable items for a long time.

Vintage Apothecary Jars

These jars are also made with glass. Their difference, however, is that their design is based on the old and classic designs of the earliest apothecary containers. Some of them appear like the liquor bottles that are common today, but most of them are also very stylish with curves and shapes that resemble antiques.

Similar to glass jars, vintage apothecary jars typically don’t offer enough protection, particularly against light and moisture. Thankfully, Infinity Jars offers high-quality apothecary glass jars. Unlike ordinary jars, these ones can keep your products true to their formula for months and even years to come! 


Why Apothecary Glass Jars of Infinity Jars Stand Out

The apothecary glass jars series of Infinity Jars are more than just product containers. Instead, they are your business partners that package your goods while serving as protective agents to keep them as fresh and effective as they should be. 

How do these jars do it? Could this be the wholesale packaging that can make your brand stand out? Below are the best features of Infinity Jars. 

Ultraviolet Technology

Infinity Jars offers the only types of apothecary glass jars that can block all types of harmful visible light. This quality is very important, especially for degradable and organic items like medicines, herbs, and products for the face, body, and hair.   

Infinity Jars Science

Did you know that light exposure speeds up the process of oxidation? Yep, you heard that right. And when a product oxidizes quickly, its quality is also quickly compromised--something that no business would like.

But aside from filtering harmful types of light, another thing that sets Infinity Jars apart is their capacity to permit beneficial light, particularly UVa and infrared light, to penetrate their material and prevent the buildup of microbes inside. 

UVa and infrared light are natural preservatives. They can slow down the degradation of organic matter, which is exactly the benefit your products can get when you put them in apothecary glass jars by Infinity Jars.

What’s more, because of ultraviolet technology, Infinity Jars have an elegant dark violet color--something that your competitors will find hard to beat. Infinity Jars products are also patented and European-designed. Their quality has been tested and proven superior over many other options, so they’re always a wise buy both for personal use and business use.

With Infinity Jars, you can put your product several steps higher in terms of quality. And do you know any other container that can do that? No? Well, neither does anyone.

Airtight & Scent-Locking

Infinity Jars containers are airtight and scent-locking. They keep moisture from getting in and your product’s original scent from getting out. This is especially beneficial for foodstuff, like pasta, spices, herbs, ground tea leaves, and coffee, as well as fragrant products like essential oils.

The scent-locking feature is also a great selling point, particularly because your product can be stored with other items without fear of their scents getting mixed up. Plus, because of these airtight and scent-locking qualities, you’re providing your customers with something they can reuse for other supplies once they’ve used up your products. How’s that for sustainability and being eco-friendly?

Glass on Glass

Featuring glass containers and glass lids, Infinity Jars apothecary jars offer an opulent style as they preserve your products. Best of all, despite this luxurious design, you need not break your bank because you can avail of apothecary jars wholesale at deep discounts! All-glass containers with UV protection have never been more affordable than here on Infinity Jars.

Of course, you can also opt to buy one or a few apothecary bottles or jars if you want to try them out first. Infinity Jars has a special Intro Pack, which is perfect for businesses that want to assess how well the jars suit their products. 

Leak Proof

Leaking is a common problem with containers. But not with Infinity Jars. In fact, Infinity Jars can also be used as water tumblers and essential or fragrance oil canisters. Even if you shake them or keep them upside down in your bag, there’ll be no issue with leaking as long as the glass lid is locked properly. 

Lab Test Proven

Another thing that puts Infinity Jars glass apothecary jars above other container options is that they have been lab-tested and proven true to their claims. Put in comparison with other popular types of jars, only Infinity Jars passed all the preservation tests. What blue jars, amber jars, and clear jars cannot preserve, Infinity Jars products were able to keep their contents as if they were freshly picked goods.

As you can see, Infinity Jars can do wonders for different types of products. This is primarily why Infinity Jars has become the trusted container supplier of many retailers and high-end businesses from different parts of the USA, Canada, and many other countries. And yes, Infinity Jars ships worldwide.

Lab Test Proven

Choice of Jar Sizes 

Now, we understand that finding great quality containers is one thing. But finding great ones wherein your products could actually fit is another. That is why Infinity Jars containers are available in different sizes, with the smallest having a 50ml capacity and the largest having a 2L capacity.

Depending on your product, you can also pick from over 70 styles of Infinity Jars products. The options include classic screw-top jars, glass rollers, cosmetic bottles with droppers or push pumps, bottles with spout, and many more. 

Each design has the same UV technology, airtight, scent-locking, and leakproof features of Infinity Jars apothecary glass jars. So even if you have multiple products that need high-quality packaging solutions, you can easily find options here on Infinity Jars. 


Final Branding Advice

With all these, our final branding advice is straightforward and simple: mind your packaging! 

Studies support the idea that packaging affects people’s buying decisions, and no business can ignore this finding. In this age, people prefer packaging types that are safe and convenient. Aesthetics are still important, of course, but buyers are also after functionality or those packaging types that they can use and reuse over a long period of time.

The glass apothecary jars of Infinity Jars fit all these criteria. They’re safe to use, healthy for food items, convenient, functional, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. If these jars seem suitable for your products, then don’t waste any more time. Go and reserve your apothecary jars wholesale. You can get the most savings while making sure that your brand stands out starting today!



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