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A Quick Guide to Wholesale Buying and Where to Buy Essential Oil Bottles Wholesale

Starting a business is easier said than done. Some people do it because they want to get “rich.” Some people do it because they don’t like the idea of being locked up in an office, working for a company that will probably drop them when the time comes. Some people do it just for the pleasure of it.

However, no matter what your reason for starting your business, it will always come down to two how’s: how much you can spend, and how much you are willing to spend.

You probably already know that spending less on expenses will help you maximize your profit. Unfortunately, expenses are inevitable and you can’t just expect them to go away. If you don’t want to spend, then you will not have anything to sell.

This leads you to ask yourself:

“How can I reduce my spending without sacrificing the quality of what I sell?”

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It’s no riddle, really, and the answer to your question is pretty simple: wholesale.

What is wholesaling?

Wholesaling, sometimes called bulk-buying, is the act of selling and distributing your product of choice to resellers.

Since you most likely have read the title, you’ll be the reseller in this article and we’ll be telling you more about how you can benefit from purchasing from a supplier.  

Anyway, resellers – that’s you – will then sell what you purchased in bulk to your target customers according to your price.

Let’s dig a little deeper

Since wholesaling means buying bulks of a particular product, you will get a cheaper price compared to the retail price. In fact, because of the opportunity of getting a lower price, a reseller may also choose to be a wholesaler by acting as a middleman.

A wholesaler may distribute one particular product, or a product category, or a variety of products. They may also partner with other businesses and act as their supplier. Although, more often than not, wholesalers don’t actually produce the products. They usually focus on distributing the products of the actual production company.

The elements of wholesaling

There are different elements of wholesaling that you should know about to let you understand the industry you’re about to face. These elements are:

  • Suppliers
    • Manufacturers
    • Importers
    • Distributors
    • Independent craftsmen
  • Resellers or retailers
  • End users


Suppliers act as the source of the merchandise you want to sell.

As you can see from what we mentioned above, suppliers can be broken down to four different types: manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers, and independent craftsmen. Allow us to help you distinguish them from each other.


You can say that these people are at the top of the business food chain. Manufacturers are the brain of the network, keeping everyone alive by being the source of all business.

Some retailers purchase directly from those who made the product through the representatives of the manufacturers. Manufacturers usually have salespeople to whom you can speak directly for any transactions. They also usually give the cheapest price.

Manufacturers gain profit from partner retailers who purchase huge amounts of their products. However, not all manufacturers are willing to sell to direct buyers. Some will recommend that you purchase wholesale from their partnered distributors.


Ever since the end of the world war, more and more countries have opened their doors to businessmen who wish to sell their goods. Importing products is important to the economy of a country, as other countries have more resources than some.

In terms of business, retailers purchase products from importers (or domestic importers), whose job is to purchase products in wholesale from other countries. A supplier can also have direct contact with someone in a particular country or foreign company.

Word of caution though, you should be careful when working with foreign suppliers. The risk is higher than when you’re working with someone in the same country as yours. So make sure you do your homework. You should also be prepared to handle all the paperwork, shipping, and other costs that may be involved.


If you’re still trying to start your business, and you want to start with lighter risks, a distributor is your best friend.

Distributors, also called wholesalers, purchase bulks from one or more manufacturers and sell the products to retailers. As you may have guessed, they will have higher prices compared to manufacturers, but they can supply you with products from different manufacturers.

Furthermore, distributors come in handy when you live too far from a manufacturer. Also, manufacturers usually have a minimum amount of products you can buy before it’s considered as wholesale. This means you have to reach their minimum before you can get the discount.

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With distributors, you can purchase small orders, which is a great deal for starting businesses. Plus, you can choose a distributor nearest you so you can save money from delivery charges.

Independent craftsmen

You can call them small manufacturers, but usually, independent craftsmen create products uncommon to big manufacturers. Independent craftsmen don’t usually have big production warehouses and machines, and they make products they created on their own.

They usually sell their products at trade fairs and to sales reps.

Resellers or retailers

Let’s stick to resellers to make things simpler.

Resellers are those who sell products purchased from one supplier or more, depending on the variety of products they sell. A good example of resellers are grocery stores. The products they sell come from a combination of direct manufacturers and distributors.

Still, you can choose whether you’ll aim for putting up a grocery store or to simply resell one or two products. Just know that when you choose to sell more products, it also means greater investment and greater risk.

a woman writing something on a clipboard

Photo Credit: AccountingWEB

Resellers don’t manufacture the products they sell. They are the usually the last point of the supply chain until the product reaches the end users or consumers.

Resellers may sound a bit like distributors or wholesalers. In a way, they are a little alike. However, their distinct difference is that wholesalers sell to other businesses, while resellers sell to consumers.

End users

End users, or consumers, are, well, all of us.

End users pay for the products or services that businesses provide. They are the most important element in the economy. Without end users, there wouldn’t be anyone to sell products to. This is why it’s important to determine the demand of the product you’re trying to sell.

They also determine the medium a business will use to sell a product. Meaning, a business will have to find out where the consumers spend most of their time when purchasing something. Moreover, because of the rise of the internet, some businesses choose to close their stores and switch to online selling.

Tip: if you want to start a business, it’s best to sell something that consumers like but isn’t too popular that almost every store is selling it, like essential oils.

You probably saw it coming, considering the title, so we’ll cut to the chase.

Why should you wholesale essential oil bottles?

Essential oils are one of the most promising products today. Market demand is constantly increasing because of the benefits that they offer.

You could purchase ready made essential oils from a distributor or a manufacturer.

Better yet, you could create your own line of essential oils and potentially use your own to start an aromatherapy business. With that, you’ll also need quality packaging, right?

If you’ve done your research on essential oils, then you probably already know that they need to be stored in dark bottles or else they would oxidize more quickly.

So, as a starting business owner that supplies quality products and services to your customers, you will need a supplier of high quality containers that you can rely on.

There’s a huge range of suppliers that can help you, but only a few of them can really provide you with great products paired with great service. You should find a wholesale packaging supplier that can satisfy you and your customers, so the next question is:

Where to Buy Essential Oil Bottles Wholesale?

You already know that cutting expenses as much as possible will allow you to maximize your profits. For that reason, purchasing essential oil bottles wholesale will help you achieve that goal.

So to answer your question as to where to purchase wholesale essential oil bottles, you’re already on the right website.

Infinity Jars is a supplier to hundreds of high-end retail brands all over the United States and Canada. We are a prominent wholesale distributor of jars, bottles, and cosmetics containers. If you need special labels, rush delivery, or bulk order, our goal is to always serve you as quick as possible.

You can check out Infinity Jars products that you can also purchase wholesale if you want to start a retail business. Rest assured, our products all have preserving capabilities, even our essential oil bottles.

Infinity Jars can slow down the decaying process by blocking harmful visible light and selectively allowing infrared and UVa light. Because of the glass of our bottles, your essential oils will last longer compared to other container types like amber or cobalt.

The best part? You can use us as a selling point for your essential oils! Show your customers how precious and unique your oils and blends are by putting them in high-quality bottles.

We can take all day to tell you about why our bottles will work best for your essential oils, but that’s boring. So instead, check out this link if you want to find out more about the science behind Infinity Jars. For now, here are some of the benefits you’ll want to know about.

The benefits of purchasing wholesale packaging at Infinity Jars

If you want your brand to stand out from the rest, you’ll have to have a product packaging that also stands out. First impressions matter and it’s okay for people to judge a book by its cover – when it comes to selling your products.

You already know what wholesaling is and how it works, so now let’s proceed to how it actually benefits you, as a business owner.

Save money and time

Anything on wholesale is always cheaper than buying retail, and the same goes for purchasing wholesale essential oils.

When you get a great deal with a good supplier like Infinity Jars, you’ll save both money and time.


Well businesses always encounter challenges everyday, and one of the most common problems that suppliers encounter is problems with delivery. Some resellers encounter shortages, delayed deliveries, wrong specifications, broken items, and more.

Here at Infinity Jars, we will help you handle these problems together. In fact, we make it a priority to ensure that all of our deliveries to our customers are accurate and safe. Not to mention, Infinity Jars products are more durable compared to cheaper bottles.

With our service, you will have more time to focus on growing your brand and product instead of worrying about broken items.

Consistent product quality

We will be with you in every step of the way. Right from the labeling up to the distribution of your final product. Furthermore, all of our products go through quality checks to make sure that you always get good batches.

Here at Infinity Jars, we follow consistent quality.

If you purchase packaging from different distributors, it’s inevitable that you’ll get bad batches that you’ll have to return your purchase to whomever you got them from. Plus, having a single supplier for your wholesale packaging means you’ll only have to speak to one company.

The fewer people you talk to, the fewer problems you have to deal with – or better yet, fewer headaches.


Your ideas will change from time to time, and that’s perfectly fine!

We understand that there will come a time when you need to make immediate business decisions that may affect the delivery of your products. We are capable of adapting to these changes quickly as we don’t like to become a hindrance to your business’s growth and productivity.

We’ve had past customers that suddenly changed some specifications on their orders, so we’re very capable of having good communication with you. We can try to lessen the hassle of trying to find someone who can match your dynamic bottle requirements.

Express delivery

Purchasing wholesale from one direct contact can ensure the fast delivery of your orders.

Imagine trying to wait for three different deliveries because you have three different suppliers. At least one of them will experience delays, which will also mean that you’ll have delays in your own sales.

When it comes to your essential oils business, you’ll need to have your glass bottles brought to your door as soon as possible. Otherwise, your oils or blends may go bad if they’re not properly bottled immediately.

Furthermore, we understand that you may run out of supplies unexpectedly, which is why we accept rush deliveries.

Eco Friendly

You probably didn’t expect this last bit, but yes, you also contribute to saving the environment when you purchase wholesale essential oil bottles from a single supplier. Plus, having only one supplier will contribute to reducing carbon emissions. 

Moreover, if you’re starting your own essential oils line, essential oils shouldn't be stored in plastic, which is why they're stored in glass. The good thing about this is that glass is a lot more eco-friendly than plastic.


Now that you know all there is to know about wholesaling and how it will benefit your business, you’re now wiser when it comes to choosing a supplier. Just make sure to keep in mind that the best supplier will help you grow your business and will treat you well no matter how small or large your order is.

So, if you’re looking for an average essential oil bottles supplier who doesn’t care about your business, then that’s not us.

If you’re looking for a wholesale supplier that will provide you with the best quality products and great customer service, then contact us and let’s talk business!


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