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Why Businesses are Switching to UV Glass Containers -- and why you should too

If businesses don’t package light-sensitive products with UV protection, it’s highly likely that customers will get dramatically less than what they expect. And what does this lead to? Customer dissatisfaction, loss of public trust, low sales, low profit -- nearly all things feared by all businesses.

UV protection is a gamechanger in the retail world. Just check out some of the most popular shops for skincare, essential oils, medicines, and beverages, and you’ll surely see at least a few of their products packaged in UV glass containers. 

Although using glass containers is often regarded as traditional or an outdated way of storing goods, the growing concern for socially and environmentally responsible businesses revived people’s interest in these containers. Not only that, but certain types of glass containers are also proven to have protective qualities that other alternatives, like plastic bottles, cannot provide.

However small or big your business is, investing in the right containers will surely give your products a competitive edge that can attract buyers and boost your sales. Are UV glass containers the best choice for your biz? What advantages can these types of containers offer?

In this article, we’ll talk about the top reasons why businesses are putting their trust in ultraviolet glass bottles and canisters. We’ll also look into the science behind these containers and how they beat popular alternatives like PET bottles and ordinary glass jars.


Understanding UV Light

To see the benefits of UV glass containers, it’s necessary to have an understanding of what UV light is and what effects it can cause on products.

UV or ultraviolet light falls within the invisible light spectrum. Most UV radiation doesn’t make it through the Earth’s atmosphere, but at least 33% of it goes through and affects both living and nonliving things. 

UV is commonly understood as harmful solar rays that can cause sunburn and serious skin diseases. However, studies have proven that the harmful effects of UV aren’t exclusive to people. Rather, they can also affect certain types of products and how certain ingredients react to each other. 

Another important thing to understand is that UV radiation doesn’t only come from the sun. It’s also present in some artificial light sources, such as computer screens, mobile phone screens, and common lighting equipment used in homes and retail stores. Thus, UV isn’t only a problem when a person or a product is used outdoors, but also when they are indoors and away from direct sunlight.

However, not all types of UV light are harmful. On the contrary, some types of UV light act as natural disinfectants. Instead of deteriorating products, they can help fight degradation by preventing the buildup of mold and other harmful microbes. As such, when looking for UV glass containers wholesale or even in retail, you can choose to avail of containers that fight off harmful UV and harness beneficial UV rays. 

Why UV is a Business Concern

As we have learned, exposure to harmful UV light can affect a product’s freshness and overall quality. In fact, it isn’t just UV but even all types of visible light. This poses a problem for many retailers and product formulation specialists, especially because light exposure is impossible to avoid. Plus, light exposure is almost always necessary when displaying and marketing products.

Without proper protection, exposure to UV rays can result in unpleasant formula alterations. Several studies have proven that harmful UV light can affect the color, taste, and even the nutritional content of certain items. It can also speed up the process of photo-oxidation, which, in turn, decreases a product’s shelf life.

While not all products are sensitive to UV-light, those that are include alcoholic beverages, milk, organic personal care items, and other products that contain folic acid and vitamins like vitamins A, C, B2, B6, and B12.

If businesses don’t package light-sensitive products with UV protection, it’s highly likely that customers will get dramatically less than what they expect. And what does this lead to? Customer dissatisfaction, loss of public trust, low sales, low profit -- nearly all things feared by all businesses.

Science of UV Packaging

Because of the cruciality of protecting products from UV light, many inventors, scientists, and companies embarked on finding packaging solutions that can keep products safe from the harmful effects of UV. 

Today, UV filters and UV glass jars are some of the most popular solutions available. Each has its own sets of pros and cons, and businesses can choose between them depending on the sensitivity of their products and the packaging style they prefer. 

UV filters are usually used to coat plastic containers. Plastic bottles and jars are cheaper and shatterproof--features that attract businesses that want the most savings during the product preparation process. The downside, however, is that plastic containers offer poor protection against light and oxygen. Plastic is also frowned upon by many consumers, particularly because of the harm it brings to the environment.

Ultraviolet glass bottles and jars, on the other hand, are more preferable for many businesses because they provide better protection and they’re environment-friendly. Also, aside from UV light, these types of containers are also able to block all types of visible light, making them highly reliable for keeping products in good quality. 

Infinity Jars science

As for their downside, glass containers are not shatterproof. However, most glass containers, particularly UV glass containers for businesses, are thicker than ordinary bottles. Thus, although they can break when mishandled, they are still reliable when used with proper caution. 

UV Glass Containers for Businesses

There are several types of colored glass, and it’s important to get to know them before deciding to buy UV glass containers wholesale. 

One of the common types is amber glass jars. These jars have a dark yellowish shade that can block all types of visible light and invisible UV light. They’re commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, and they’re generally more affordable when compared with other containers with UV protection. Because of these features, amber glass jars can be ideal for many products. 

The downside, however, is that because of their popularity in pharmaceuticals, their very appearance can affect a product’s branding. Also, amber glass jars do not discriminate between harmful and beneficial UV light--they block all types, denying products of the preserving benefits of good UV.

Infinity Jars offers a better alternative: UV glass containers. These containers look as though they’re pitch black, but they’re actually deep violet in color. These jars are great for personal use as well as for business. They offer numerous benefits that help in preserving the quality and effectiveness of products, including protection against harmful UV and absorption of beneficial UV.

However, as with any good product, there are substandard or imitations out there that businesses must be wary of. Because of that, it’s best to be critical of the shops you’re buying from or simply opt to buy glass jars wholesale from trusted suppliers.

Pro-business Features of UV Glass Containers by Infinity Jars

Infinity Jars ultraviolet glass bottles and canisters are designed to keep the quality of products for longer. Depending on the original state of a product upon storage, these containers can retain their quality for days, weeks, and even months. 

Glass containers have plenty of advantages over plastic or PET containers. For one, glass is stable and generally non-reactive. Unlike plastics, there’s no risk of chemicals leaking into the products when using glass bottles, even when the containers and products are exposed to varying conditions.  

What’s more, Infinity Jars products are patented and are available in over 70 designs. Thus, whatever your product is, you can find a suitable container right here. Different styles of lids are also available, including the classic screw-top lid, lids with an applicator, lids with a dropper, and many more. 

This wide range of choices is one of the many reasons why many businesses love Infinity Jars. What are the other top reasons? Read on to find out.

Infnity Jars styles

Light Protection

Because of their powerful design, Infinity Jars can block all types of visible light, regardless of the light source. Thus, if retail stores want to display their products under bright illumination, they wouldn’t have to worry about compromising the quality of their goods. They can enjoy a bright retail environment as much as they want while their products stay fresh inside their lightproof jars.

Infinity Jars products are also perfect for businesses that often participate in outdoor bazaars. They can display their products without worrying about the effects of light on their products, and they even gain an additional aesthetic value from the deep violet color of Infinity Jars.

Also, Infinity Jars offers products a highly reliable protective barrier against harmful UV rays. This barrier helps ensure that a product’s formula will retain its quality through time. Plus, it also prevents products from oxidizing and degrading faster than they should.

Absorption of beneficial UV and infrared light

Harnessing beneficial UV and infrared light is a great way to prevent spoilage and microbe buildup. These types of light are natural preservatives, which is why Infinity Jars are designed to permit them to pass through. 

This feature is what sets apart Infinity Jars products from other ultraviolet glass bottles, and it is also one of the things that make them advantageous over other alternatives.

Airtight & Moistureproof Lid System

Aside from visible and invisible light, air and moisture also pose risks to different types of products. It is because of this that Infinity Jars are made with an airtight and moistureproof lid system. This system effectively locks away air and external moisture, thereby preventing product contamination. 

What’s more, this system is present in all types of Infinity Jars lids. So even if you choose a screw-top jar, a glass-on-glass apothecary jar, or any other design, it is guaranteed that you will receive the same secure lid system.


A pleasant scent is an attractive feature for products, especially for personal care items or those applied on the face, body, or hair. The trouble, however, is in making sure that the scent stays and doesn’t get mixed up with the scent of other products close to it. 

Thankfully, Infinity Jars products are scent-locking. Regardless of how fragrant a product is, once stored, its scent will stay locked inside until the container is opened. This helps in keeping products fresh and fragrant for longer. Plus, when keeping different items close to each other, this scent-locking feature prevents different fragrances from blending and creating a foul smell.


Infinity Jars are 100% recyclable. This is something that instantly adds to a product’s customer appeal and is something that businesses can take advantage of when advertising or marketing their products.

Plus, Infinity Jars are thicker and more durable than ordinary glass containers. Thus, they can be reused plenty of times for as long as they are handled with proper caution to avoid breaking. 

These jars perfectly suit the eco-friendly lifestyle that many people are advocating and striving for. After all, it’s undebatable that the world needs less waste and more sustainable ways. 


Exposure to visible light and invisible UV light is a crucial business concern. This exposure can alter the formula of products, leading to changes in the color, taste, or even in their nutritional value. Thus, without proper protection, products are likely to go against their labels and claims, especially in terms of their effectiveness and shelf life. 

To ensure that products will retain their quality, it is best to store them in UV glass containers by Infinity Jars. Infinity Jars products block off all types of invisible light and harmful UV light. Plus, unlike ordinary colored glass jars, UV glass jars permit beneficial UV and infrared light to enter and behave as natural preservatives. These beneficial types of light can fight the buildup of microbes, thereby protecting products from spoilage. 

What’s more, Infinity Jars products are also airtight, moistureproof, and scent-locking. If you’re storing multiple products together in a single shelf, cabinet, or fridge, you wouldn’t have to worry about their fragrances interacting and creating an unpleasant odor. Each product in an Infinity Jar container will keep its own scent without any problem, and it won’t blend with other fragrances.

With all these qualities, it’s easy to see why many businesses are throwing out their old containers and shifting to Infinity Jars. 

Has your business implemented this change? Or are you still putting your business at risk with less effective alternatives? Make the change today with the UV glass containers wholesale of Infinity Jars. Who knows? You might just be a UV bottle away from better sales.



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