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Why You Should Be Using Infinity Jars!

6 best styles for Preserving Dried Herbs

1 Liter Classic Screw Top Jar

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250 ml Silver Screw Top Jar

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250 ml Classic Screw Top Jar

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100 ml Tall Screw Top Jar

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250 ml Glass-on-Glass Apothecary Jar

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5 ml Pocketsize Jar

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Real Blogger Reviews

If you're curious what people say about our glass jars and bottles, shipping, and famous customer service, read reviews from bloggers below.

Right now, I'm using their glass fine mist spray bottle to hold my homemade rose water face mist, the glass cosmetic jars to hold my dried flowers (and eventually some lotions I'm planning to make) and, my favorite style, the glass apothecary jars to not only preserve some of our coffees and teas, but to also beautifully display them on our countertop.

Infinity Jars are not just regular containers, their jars are designed to preserve freshness, protect against light rays using Ultraviolet Light Filtering Technology and provide airtight seal. The jars are made from special pigmented deep violet glass created to block harmful rays and extent the shelf life of goodies you keep in them.

I stored one tea batch in my normal mason jar and one in the Infinity Jar, and left them both in the cupboard for 30 days. When I opened the Infinity Jar, the smell was amazing. The herbs hadn’t lost any of their aroma, and when I made a pot of tea with them it was the same lovely green I get when I use fresh herbs. I am officially hooked on these jars!

These are ideal storage containers for herbs (or spice mixes, coffee, herbal salves, oils.....everything!) and a great way to extend the shelf life of more perishable formulas, especially teas and powders.

Infinity Jar versus Common Jar Types

We did a side-by-side comparison with other major jar types. Here are the results.

Infinity Jars' special pigmented glass is thicker and more durable than your standard glass; it is smell-proof, blocks harmful UV light and is visually discreet.
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How Our customers Use Infinity Jars to Store Herbs

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Bottles are exactly as advertised, shipping and price were excellent

Great bottles

Love these bottles! Great quality product and customer service.

Great product keeps what I need fresh and keeps smell out

Very nice

This is a great little jar!