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Infused Oil Bottles and Jars
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Infused Oil Bottles and Jars

Delicious rosemary infused olive oil. Kill two birds with one stone! Season while you marinate and marinate while you season with tasty infused olive oil stored in ultraviolet glass containers. Let our elegant bottles and jars give added protection to your infused oils and light up your kitchen. Our glass containers filter out harmful uv light and allow in positive light rays to slowly and gently rejeuvenate your infused oils. We have multiple sleek and modern styles to uplift any kitchen.

  • Airtight, Lightproof, Spillproof, Scentproof
  • Don't Let Your Expertly Crafted Infused Oil Spoil, Store Infused Oil in Dark Violet Glass Containers
  • Buy Now - 15 Styles/Sizes Available for Sale

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