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20 ml Glass Roller Bottle 20 ml Glass Roller Bottle 20 ml Glass Roller Bottle 20 ml Glass Roller Bottle
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20 ml Glass Roller Bottle

Travel-Friendly Glass Roller Bottle
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  • 20 ml Capacity (0.68 fl oz)
  • More Room For Storage Yet Still Compact
  • European-Made With Advanced UV Glass Filter Technology: Preservative Light In, Destructive Light Out
  • Unique Bottle Design, Reusable, Decorative
  • Locks In Freshness of Scents For 6+ Months, BPA-Free Cap Keeps Out Contaminants
  • Durable Roller, Consistently Smooth Application


  • Height: 3.35" (8.5 cm)
  • Diameter: 1.14" ( 2.9cm)
  • Opening of Mouth: 0.4" (1 cm)
  • Capacity: 20 ml (0.67 oz)

Ideal for storing

  • Essential Oils
  • Ointments
  • Serums
  • Lip Tints
  • DIY Deodorant
  • And MORE


Here it is folks, that missing link between two certain sizes that you’ve been waiting for. Because really, when 15 ml is much too small and 30 ml is much too much, what does anyone do? Why, come up with a 20 ml size, of course! That’s right—armed with every element that makes all our glass roller bottles so great and handy, this new 20 ml glass roller is Infinity Jars’ solution to all your Goldilocks woes.

What Makes It Great?

Nearly as compact as the 15 ml glass roller but with a bit more capacity, the 20 ml glass roller also comes with a unique design that easily distinguishes it from the other sizes. What has not changed is how it’s made from the same UV filtering glass that protects your vulnerable liquids from being damaged by the harmful rays of the sun even as it lets in the disinfecting and preserving light rays called UVA and Infrared. This glass-tempering technology hails straight from Europe, and it’s been lab-tested to certify its effectiveness in keeping whatever you put inside it from spoiling while also preventing leakage or seepage—whether from the outside or in.

A Variety of Uses

Make your special blends of scents keep for longer. All our containers are guaranteed to preserve the integrity of whatever you choose to put in it, whether it’s the delicately balanced essential oils that you took great pains to get “just right” or simple store-bought tea leaves—the jars don’t discriminate, they just do their jobs. Our new 20 ml glass roller is no different. You can entrust your precious handmade perfume to it and see it last, unchanging, for six months or even longer, or you can use the relatively smaller size to test a new blend that you’re not sure you’re going to love yet. And if you decide “no” after all, you can simply wash and rinse the bottle to make way for a new experiment.

Great All-Around Features

You know what else is great? The cap is BPA-free and effectively keeps the fragrance locked in while keeping contaminants and oxidants out; the roller is hardy and would just “roll” smoothly with the punches, however many hundreds of times you end up using it; and the high quality glass itself is thick and durable—even strongly acidic essential oils won’t be able to eat at its surface, and it won’t smash or fracture from a simple fall. The best part yet? It’s probably how this particular 20 ml glass roller is so darn pretty it could double as a display.

Patented Ultraviolet glass

Patented Ultraviolet glass

The secret of its high-performance is in its glass pigmentation. While it looks black on the outside, it's actually made of ultraviolet glass. Ultraviolet glass blocks all harmful visible light while beneficial UV and infrared rays that extend the freshness of goods.

Infinity Jars Versus Common Jar Types

Infinity Jars
Clear Jars
Amber Jars
Preserves for 2+ Years
Enhances Contents
Blocks Out Visible Light
Airtight Cap, Leak-proof


The Infinity Jar clearly outperformed the other jars by keeping the chives green and fresh. Chives are among the most fragile and easily perishable herbs you can find at a grocery store.



If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please return your Infinity Jars product(s) within 30 days for a no-questions-asked refund.

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe. Avoid putting the jars in the bottom rack.
Simply hand-wash the jars with soap & dry them off. Avoid extreme changes in temperature.

Real Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Melissa H.
20ml Roller bottle

Love the jars..and bottles..

stephanie b.

Excellent.. perfect.. 10 star

Jennifer W.
Love the 20ml rollerball!

Great I can make 1 larger (but still small)batch of something special and its ready to go and protected!

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