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Ghee Jars
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Ghee Jars

Cultures all over the world have a version of this tasty Indian clarified butter. The one thing that unites all the different varieties of Ghee is they all can be left unrefridgerated for longer than regular butter. Give your delicious Ghee added protection by storing in light sensitive Infinity Jars. Our jars protect and rejeuvenate by only allowing in the positive rays of the sun and preventing the negative ones. In addition, our jars will prevent air from getting inside, which over time will slowly degrade your ghee.

  • Airtight, Lightproof, Spillproof
  • Protect the Rich Flavor of Ghee Sitting On Your Tabletop Or in Your Cabinets with Infinity Jars
  • Buy Now - 6 Styles/Sizes Available for Sale

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